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10 In-Demand Construction Jobs

10 In-Demand Construction Jobs

Have you considered a career in construction?

Thus, right now is probably a good moment to start considering it. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that there will be a large increase in new job vacancies in the construction industry over the next years. More precisely, it is predicted that by 2024, the industry will add 790,400 new jobs just in the United States.

Since 2011, the number of employment given by construction firms has been steadily rising in the UK construction industry. Only in 2016, compared to 2015, there were 4.6% more job vacancies in the construction industry. So, it should come as no surprise that, when compared to other businesses like agriculture, production, and services, the construction industry has experienced the highest rate of development.

10 In-Demand Construction Jobs

Without a question, this is fantastic news for anyone looking for a job in construction or who already works in the industry. Despite this remarkable increase, you must be cautious and use due investigation when determining which solutions are the best for you. So there’s no need to fret about it.


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10 In-Demand Construction Jobs

These are some of the top opportunities for anyone looking to begin a career in construction, according to our research:

1.  Wind energy specialists

Given the growing interest in renewable energy sources across the globe, the demand for wind turbine specialists is continually increasing. Their main duties may be summed up as installing, repairing, and generally caring for all the many technical aspects around wind turbines. For the turbines to operate properly, it is also very important to monitor their condition.

A wind turbine technician’s typical annual wage in the US might reach $51,050, and by 2024, there will likely be 108% more job openings in the industry overall.

2. Construction Supervisors

Construction management is difficult. It’s perhaps one of the most difficult professions in the field. You are continually required to balance a sizable number of obligations and chores. Strong leadership and communication abilities are additionally required. When you factor in the requirement to be able to create detailed financial plans and project proposals, it becomes evident that this is a fairly difficult profession.

Yet, the position has a bright future. Because of this, construction managers typically earn significant wages for their work. Anyone looking for an exciting job in construction has a terrific opportunity with a 2.8% unemployment rate and a median pay of 87,400 dollars (US market).

3. Electricians

A vital aspect of building is the role of the electrician. In addition to the occasional little all-around jobs, they are in charge of a variety of other initiatives. Electricians are needed to assist and make sure that everything operates as it should with everything from supervising and developing intricate lighting systems to repairing and maintaining pricey construction equipment.

Although they make considerably less money than construction managers, electricians nevertheless make a respectable living (US median salary: $51,880). Also, alone in the States, 85,900 additional electrician jobs are anticipated to be created by 2024.

4. Plumbers

Like electricians, plumbers can perform a variety of jobs in the building industry. They can assist with upkeep, pipe repairs, and pipe replacement. Also, they can put in all the required pipes throughout a construction job. Or estimate the kind and quantity of equipment that will be required during a project.

The salary for a plumber is very high. In the US, the median annual pay might amount to 50,620 dollars. Furthermore, the number of anticipated new jobs in the American market (49,100) by 2024 makes the professional future of individuals who want to work as plumbers even more promising.

5. Metal Sheet workers

A career as a sheet metal worker may be a wise choice for your future. Sheet metal workers are able to fabricate and assemble various metal components that are required for construction. It’s a task that calls for exceptional dexterity and precision.

The median annual wage for sheet metal workers in the United States is $45,750, and the job outlook percentage through 2024 is 7%, which is fairly favorable.

6. Carpenters

Each and every construction project requires the services of carpenters. They are in charge of assembling a building’s skeleton and putting in basic building materials including floors, windows, and other elements. Usually, they have to work along with other construction employees to finish the tasks given to them. It’s a difficult profession that occasionally has a tight connection to decoration (e.g. setting up a kitchen).

According to data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, a carpenter can earn up to $42,090 per year on average. Someone interested in a profession in building might consider becoming a carpenter.

7. Masonry Personnel

Anyone looking to work in the construction industry should consider becoming a mason. They are in charge of many duties, including laying foundations, preparing mortar, and polishing surfaces. Again, the requirement is to follow the instructions provided in the provided designs or blueprints.

The employment prospects for masons in the US appears to be very open-ended. Up to 2024, their number of employment vacancies will rise by 15%. Their median annual salary is approximately 39,640 dollars.

8. Glaziers

A glazier’s job necessitates extreme delicacy and gentle touch. Yet there’s no doubt that the on-site work is incredibly inventive. Every sort of glass that will be required for the construction project must be shaped by a glazier. No matter the type or scale of the building, this could still apply. Glaziers carry out their task in accordance with the provided designs and plans, just like any other building project agency.

In the US, a glazier makes an average salary of 39,440 dollars annually. A 4% growth rate makes being a glazier sound like a good career decision.

9. Installer of Solar Energy Systems

Installing photovoltaic systems can be challenging but also highly innovative. He or she spends the most of their time installing and turning on photovoltaic systems. They also do maintenance as part of their daily tasks. Weather sealing may occasionally need to be added to the established systems.
An installation of solar systems can make up to 37,830 dollars annually (median US salary). It is thought to be one of the most promising jobs available right now. More precisely, it is anticipated that by 2024, there will be a 24% increase in employment openings in this sector.

10. Contractors’ helpers

When you can’t or don’t want to spend a lot of time getting a highly specialized university degree, choosing a career as a construction worker can be a terrific option. On the job site, construction workers are engaged in a wide variety of activities. These duties primarily relate to getting the job site ready for construction work. They play a big role in the construction process as well. Most of the time, depending on the project, they are prepared to help in a variety of work areas.

The number of job openings for construction employees in the US alone is predicted to increase by 13% during the following seven years. In light of this, it appears that employment opportunities for construction workers are favorable in the foreseeable future.


Nevertheless, the construction industry offers rewarding prospects to those who know where to look. Given the anticipated growth of the entire sector, its future is only anticipated to get better and better over the ensuing decades. The demands on the building business change along with it. To strengthen your position in the market and produce results of the highest caliber, be abreast of the most recent trends and changes in the industry at all times.


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