10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria

Below you will see a list of Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria.

The scientist who explained the hypothesis of the world by observation and prediction emphasized that science in its broadest sense is the theoretical, practical, and empirical knowledge concerning the natural world and its environs.

William Whewell was the first scientist who first unveils the English word scientist recently within the 19th century.

Modern science started to increase after the period of the natural philosophers that empirically examine the pure world part of which are Thales and Aristotle and the scientific technique has

been current and implored way back to the middle ages by some ancient philosophers like Ibn AL-Haytham and Roger Bacon.

Modern science started particularly in the 16th and 17th century Europe scientific revolution.

The true concept started to overshadow false beliefs from the 18th century by the 21st century particularly within the biological and physical sciences which had been tendered as successive incubation of pure knowledge.

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There isn’t a way we’d speak about best science courses in Nigeria with out reflecting on what science is, understanding fully well that Western education was brought to the country from

Europe and that’s the main reason why we should be cognizant and familiar with science history and how it originated which was what we now have shown above.

Coming all the way down to Nigeria here we have a whole lot of science courses studied in tertiary level of education be it private, state or federal settings.

Typically, it may be very complicated for a science student to choose appropriately his best-suited course.

As a student one must be guided when making the choice of science course to review so as to not fall victim to not picking the very best.

The very best 10 of 100s of science courses are listed below in accordance with the current state and situation of the country and its financial system;

  1. Medicine
  2. Microbiology
  3. Computer Science
  4. Dentistry
  5. Chemical And Petroleum Engineering
  6. Radiography
  7. Pharmacy
  8. Veterinary Medicine
  9. Nursing/Nursing Science
  10. Civil Engineering

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10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria


This has been probably among the best if not the very best science courses to study at the university.

In accordance with the English Oxford Dictionary, medicine is the science and practice of diagnosing, treating, and stopping diseases.

Nearly every science student in Nigeria needs to study medicine, which is clearly due to the profitable and prestigious nature of the course.

There are a lot of branches in medicine where a student could decide to enroll in. It’s a very complete and competitive course at university. It’s clearly and famously the very best among each other science courses.


The pharmacy has long been outlined because the method and science of each drug preparation and dispensation.

Identical to medicine is, pharmacy is tantamount to medication, it’s also highly rated and respected in Nigeria Pharmacy is likely one of the best and most prestigious science courses for

college students within the field of science and should know that pharmacy is likely one of the best and most prestigious science courses one can study within the tertiary degree of education.

Due to this fact, any science student considering the science course to study shouldn’t hesitate to select pharmacy as the course.

Top 10 Best Science Courses To Study In Nigeria


Engineering is a really wide course and so it has been split into varied branches a few of that are;

civil engineering, petroleum engineering, agricultural and environmental engineering, electrical and electronics engineering, industrial production engineering, mechanical engineering and so forth.

As a student, if in case you have been deliberating on a science course to choose within the tertiary level you can give engineering a strive of which you’ll by no means regret doing.

Any of the diversion branches mentioned earlier are all under engineering as they’re probably the best science courses for college students to consider and select in the university stage.

Engineers are rated, revered and rewarded highly and heavily for his or her devices over the years in Nigeria.

In relation to our current surroundings, engineering courses are incontestable with low or no competition.


Nursing/Nursing science is said to a fallacy with no aspect of fact that the course is predominantly for female college students alone.

Nursing is meant for each science student and not the females alone.

To achieve optimum health in hand with high quality life, this nursing profession has deeply focused on taking good care of communities, households, and people in accordance with the healthcare sector throughout the nation.

Like medicine, nursing has been very profitable and of high status in universities. It’s one other good choice to make for science college students in the field of science.


Computer science is a course that basically offers software design and engineering, a few of the processes under software design are algorithmic thinking, human-computer interaction,

programming languages, and the historical past of computing.

Computer science is likely one of the most fascinating science courses for students throughout the nation now due to the present computer evolution world.

One advantageous reality about being a computer science student is that you’ll not want to carry files (your curriculum vitae) from one workplace to another, in search of a job.

So far you’re creative enough, to arrange a blog, web site, software and get paid in your job. All that’s required of you is to discover your knowledge and get the adequate equipment needed and you’re there.


one other outstanding science course that any science student can select to study on the university is DENTISTRY.

Wikipedia confirmed that Dentistry is a department of medicine that deals with teeth and majorly consists of the research, analysis, prevention, and treatment of illnesses, disorders, and conditions of the oral cavity.

Dentistry is a Profitable, boastful and very good choice after all for all science college students. For those who want to study one of the best science courses at the college, then go for Dentistry.

This course remains to be loved by many science college students within the universities, though it has lengthy been underrated by some in the past.


Microbiology is the research of Archaea, Fungi, Bacteria, Prions, Protozoa, Viruses amongst one other living organism that can’t be seen with the bare human eye.

Microbiology is another nice course of study for science college students. It’s equally a really well-respected course on the college.

After finding out this very good science course, it is possible for you to to work in quite a few industries just like the drug-producing industry, pharmacy and so forth.


Radiography is the study of inside images of a sick affected person’s body in different to diagnose injuries or illnesses successfully. Additionally they deal with and care for people with mostly cancer.

Radiography is one other glorious course for all science students. This course is definitely unknown to many students.

This course has been outclassed on the bottom that it’s not competitive but of nice surprise that Radiography is very profitable and really respected too.

It’s actually a good choice of science course to study at college.


Veterinary medicine still stays among the best courses for students in the field of science, though not as in style as other courses highlighted above.

According to Wikipedia, the department of medication that offers with the prevention, analysis, and therapy of illness, disorder, and injury in non-human animals is called veterinary medication

whereas a veterinary physician is an professional in veterinary medication.

Veterinary medicine is profitable to some extent not as others and is an effective option to make for college students who don’t need to research competitive courses.


Another marketable and profitable course in Nigeria and the world at large regardless of how the course appears to be tedious for graduates and are wanted in high paying oil companies like


Latest historical publications, like these of Thomas Kuhn, occurs to offer and showcase the historical past of science in its systematic conceptual in an enlarged format of politics, tradition, intellectual and iconic procedures.

These interpretations met with one other history of science who doesn’t stand for progress but as opposition and illusion of progress.

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