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Apply for a Belarus Student visa : Easy Guide

Have you considered studying in Belarus? Do you want to know how to apply for a Belarus Visa? IF yes, then be sure top stick to the end of this post.

Sometimes, undergraduate courses demand three to 4 years. Whereas post-graduate studies demand a minimum of one year.

In case you are visiting Belarus for any of those, a type D visa may allow you to get more time to stay in Belarus.

Nonetheless, in case your course of research wouldn’t prolong past three months, you must apply for the Belarus Type C (vacationer, visit, or business) visa.

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Advantages Of Studying in Belarus

Extra Affordable Than Most Places:

The price of getting educated in Belarus is cheaper than in lots of different places in Europe and America.

The government of Belarus is doing a lot to make sure that quality education is delivered for much less. And whereas there are no serious indications that international students enjoy such advantages, education is free until higher education.

So you must consider studying in Belarus in case you are from a middle-class home or a moderate-income earner.

Settling in Europe:

Firstly, in case your target is to settle in Europe, studying in Belarus is likely one of the ways you can do this.

You stand a high chance of gaining a permanent residence permit after your studies. You may secure a job and even start a new life in Belarus.

Getting Higher Jobs:

Nonetheless, graduates of Belarusian universities are often respected within the Nigerian labor market.

So even in case you decide to return home, chances are you’ll get preferential treatment from employers when in search of employment.

Belarus Student visa requirements for Nigerian Citizens

To apply for a Belarus student visa in Nigeria, sure things are required of you. Below are some documents that everybody who wants to apply for a Belarus student visa in Nigeria should possess.

1. International passport

2. Filled visa application form.

3. Invitation/admission letter from an educational institution in Belarus, authorised by the Belarusian Ministry of Internal Affairs.

4. Notarised copies of previously acquired certificates (WAEC and different school-leaving certificates)

5. Certificated issued by the Ministry of Education stating that you may continue your education in high school.

6. Travel insurance.

7. One 35x45mm passport {photograph}

8. Visa fee payment (in fifty hundred and 200 Euro notes)

9. Legalised medical certificates, issued lower than three months, exhibiting that the applicant had examined negatively for HIV/AIDS and other viruses/diseases.

10. Birth certificate. Notarised and legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Nigeria

11. Sponsorship letter (if relevant)

12. Six months’ bank statement from the applicant or sponsor

13. A two-way (return) ticket with an open return leg.

14. Introduction letter from employer (if applicable)

15. Marriage certificates (if applicable)

16. Delivery certificates of children (if applicable)

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Learn how to Apply for a Belarus Student visa in Nigeria

Before you apply for a Belarus student visa in Nigeria, you must consider your eligibility. To find out this, take our free visa eligibility test. Then, chances are you’ll go through the process below:

1. Achieve Admission to Belarus:

It is best to secure admission to any educational institution of your alternative in Belarus. A few of the students who are studying in Belarus today applied for admission into three or more schools.

This gave them a better chance of gaining admission. Belarusian State University and Grodno State Medical University are some colleges to consider when applying for admission.

2. Gather Supporting Documents:

Compile all of the aforementioned supporting documents.

3. Submit your application

Go to the Embassy of Belarus in Nigeria to submit your application. You might have to book an appointment with the embassy before submitting your application.

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