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Apply For A Colombian Student Visa Guideline

Colombia is one of the world’s 17 megadiverse countries and probably the most densely biodiverse per square kilometer; its territory encompasses Amazon rain forest, tropical grassland, and coastlines along the Caribbean and Pacific.

If you are considering Studying in Colombia, then this article is for you.

City, Architecture, Urban, Bogota, Bogotá, Capital

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What Is A Columbia Scholar Visa

Nigerians require a visa to enter and reside in Colombia. Therefore, you will need to apply for a Colombia Student visa in Nigeria if you want to study in Colombia.

Colombia visa requirements

Earlier than you apply for a Colombia Scholar visa in Nigeria, it is best to have all of the essential documents.

Filled Visa Application Type:

You’ll need to obtain and fill out the visa application form. After finishing the shape, you can submit it or print it out.

International Passport:

Your international passport needs to be valid and will need to have 2 blank pages. The journey passport needs to be valid for at least 6 months after you apply for the Colombia student visa.

Letter Of Acceptance:

Before applying for a Colombia Student visa in Nigeria, you will need to apply to be admitted into an academic institution within the country.

After you might be accepted into the educational institution, you can be issued a letter of acceptance.

Passport Images:

Two recently taken passport images with white backgrounds are needed. The dimensions of the images needs to be 3cm x 4cm.

Bank Statement:

You need to have a recently acquired bank statement. The accessible funds needs to be enough to cover your tuition, lodging, and living expenses for at the least your first year of study in Colombia.

Police Certificate:

This document ought to present your past criminal record in case you have any.


Minors who apply for a Colombia Student visa in Nigeria should present the documents listed below.

A birth certificate, A letter of permission from the minor’s parent or guardians and
Paperwork that identify the minor’s parents or guardians

Letter From Your Sponsor:

If in case you have a sponsor willing to cover your expenses, you will have a letter from your sponsor.

This letter ought to specify what bills your sponsor is willing to cover, how long they’ll sponsor you, and their contact information.

Additionally, you will need the following:

  • A copy of your sponsor’s bank statement. The quantity in your sponsor’s bank assertion needs to be at the least 10 times the monthly minimal wage in Colombia.
  • A copy of a certificate that reveals the educational institution that you just had been accepted into is legally recognized.
  • A statement from the school you are enrolled in displaying that you’ve got at least 10 hours of classes each week.
  • You’ll need to have all your documents translated and legalized.
  • Additionally, you will have to make a copy of every necessary document.
    A copy of the biometric page of your sponsor’s passport.
  • Certificates and transcripts that present your past educational {qualifications}.

City, Architecture, Urban, Bogota, Bogotá, Capital

Colombian Student Visa Application Process

There are particular steps to take when applying for a Colombia Student visa in Nigeria. You’ll be able to apply for a Colombian student visa online or via the Embassy of Colombia.

Method One:

Apply To An Educational Institution:

That is the first and one of the most important steps whenever you need to apply for a Colombia Student visa in Nigeria. After you achieve admission into a college in Colombia, you can be sent a letter of acceptance.

Get The Visa Application Form:

While you get hold of the letter of acceptance, proceed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs web site and fill out the visa application form. After filling out the form, submit the application form. Additionally, you will have to scan and add some requested documents.

Pay The Preliminary Visa Charge:

After you submit the application kind, You’ll pay an preliminary visa application fee of  $16.

Obtain Feedback From The Consul:

You’ll obtain a response after submitting your visa application. Your response might be ‘approved, required, rejected or inadmissible.’

Authorized- You meet all the requirements to be permitted for a student visa.

Required- This response is distributed when the consul wants more documents.

Rejected-  Because of this your visa application has been rejected

Pay The second Visa fee:

It’s essential to pay the visa fee the second time in case your visa application is approved. Then go to the embassy together with your documents to get your passport stamped.

Book A Visa Appointment:

Should you prefer, contact the Embassy of Colombia and ebook a date in your visa appointment.

Go For The Appointment:

You’ll submit the required documents on your appointment and pay the initial visa application fee.

Method Two:

After you fill out the visa application kind, you possibly can print it out and continue the visa application course of in person.

Collect Your Visa:

After your visa application has been processed, you’ll return to the Embassy of Colombia to collect your Visa and pay the second visa fee in case your visa software is permitted.

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