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Top 10 Business ideas you can start with 100k

Top 10 Business ideas you can start with 100k


In Nigeria, what kind of businesses can you launch with 100,000 Naira? See our list of the top 10 business concepts to discover how you may start a profitable business with little capital.

Establishing a Personal Business in Nigeria is Significance  opening a small business gives individuals the chance to access a better way of life in the face of unemployment and economic shortfall. It serves as a stepping stone to self-employment and aids in ending the job search.

Establishing a personal business has several benefits, including financial freedom, limitless flexibility, and the ability to pursue dreams and aspirations. Those who operate their own businesses have the freedom to work comfortably and at their own speed. Also, it gives people the chance to realize their lifelong goals and, as a result, gives the creator financial independence.

Although there are numerous obstacles to beginning a personal business in Nigeria, funding is still a significant one.

Top 10 Business ideas you start with 100k

Top 10 Nigerian Business Ideas You Can start With 100,000 Naira

The following are Businesses you can start with 100,000 Naira:

1. POS/E-Payment Business:

One of the most well-liked and lucrative business ideas in Nigeria is the POS (point of sales) industry. You may launch a POS company that promises a 100% return on investment in less than 30 days with just 100,000 naira. For those who want to execute financial operations including withdrawals, transfers, and bill payments, POS businesses offer e-payment services.

Benefits of Opening a POS Company in Nigeria

The POS business idea has many benefits, including giving people financial freedom, an alternative to long bank lines, and a role in lowering unemployment in Nigeria. One illustration is Mr. Tayo Adewale, who after graduating founded a POS company and has been bringing in a consistent revenue ever since.

Considerations for Launching a POS Company

The location of your firm is an important consideration when launching a POS enterprise. The success or failure of your firm may depend on its location. For a POS firm to succeed, location is essential. Choose a location that is close to clients and has a strong GSM network. Also, given the currency transactions involved, security needs to be a top priority if you don’t want to become a target for fraudsters.

Nigerian Prerequisites for Opening a POS Company

In order to start a POS firm in Nigeria, you must fulfill procedures including CAC registration, TIN acquisition, and bank account establishment. To receive a POS terminal, you must also submit an application to a provider of payment solutions.

2. Charging of Devices and Phones Business

Nigeria’s poor and inconsistent electricity supply makes it a successful business idea to start a phone and device charging business with as little as 100,000 Naira.

Consideration of Location

It is best to place the business in an area with insufficient electrical supply in order to draw clients. Since the business will interact with a variety of people on a regular basis, having good charisma is also essential for building rapport with potential clients.


A container or space, a covered or shaded stall, a small generator for power supply, gasoline for the generator, original chargers and a desktop computer, as well as an electric socket board with numerous electronic charging plugs are some of the things needed to launch a business.

3. Cooking Abilities

You will have an advantage over rivals if you are skilled in the kitchen. Meals that are good, pleasant, and reasonably priced will help you stand out from the competition.


The efficient operation of the mobile food industry depends on quick and dependable modes of transportation. You can start by cooking in the comfort of your own home and grow the business over time without needing a kitchen or office.

4. Copywriting

In Nigeria, copywriting is a lucrative online company that may be launched for as little as 100,000 naira. It entails incorporating content in a way that sells or supports a good, idea, or service.

What Is Copywriting ?

Writing for advertising, blogs, videos, presentations, direct mail, jingles, and other types of creative material are all examples of copywriting. It can be done as a side business or full-time endeavor that ensures a profit.

Earnings Prospects

With earnings between 100,000 and 300,000 naira, copywriting can be highly lucrative. Freelance copywriters bill clients by the word, typically charging between $11 and $20,000 for every 1,000 words.

Gaining Customers

As a copywriter novice, you can find clients by submitting applications to freelance job websites, cold pitching, giving talks at conferences and seminars, and marketing your company on industry-specific social media sites like LinkedIn.

5. Learning More About Graphic Design

A message is sent to an audience through graphic design, a technique of visual communication that integrates several aspects. In the current digital era, graphic design skills are in high demand across a wide range of sectors.

Recognizing the Foundations of Graphic Design

Understand the fundamentals and basics of graphic design, including hierarchy, color, typography, lines, forms, balance, texture, alignment, proximity, and contrast.

Launching a graphic design company

To start a graphic design business, all you need to do is acquire the necessary knowledge. You can learn by watching YouTube videos on graphic design or by paying for master classes with industry experts. A laptop and programs like Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Canva, Pixellab, Logo maker, and other equivalent programs are required before you can start.

6. Selling Clothes in Nigeria:

Clothing is a necessity and a component of a person’s fundamental needs. So, starting a clothing business in Nigeria is a profitable business concept that can be started with as little as 100,000 naira.

Have a strong rapport with your clients, promote your brand on social media, and engage in one-on-one conversations to expand your clothing business. Children’s apparel, native wear, English wear, jeans, underwear, and other categories of clothing are available for sale.

You don’t necessary need a shop to start your own business. Clothes can be delivered right to customers’ doors. You need to be able to persuade clients to buy your items if you want to prosper. Having effective networking abilities and keeping up a positive relationship with your clients will assist them recommend you to other possible clients.

7. Laundry Business

Due to the hectic nature of people’s jobs in Nigeria, which makes it difficult to find time for washing clothes, laundry is a lucrative industry.

Beginning your  Laundry Business

You can work from home without owning a personal shop or premises. Basic tools like a washing machine, iron, and generator in case of power breakdown are essential. Honesty is crucial to acquire customers’ trust, ensure the readiness of their clothes as promised, and develop solid connections for referrals.

8. Shawarma Selling

Many people, especially the younger generation, adore shawarma, a famous snack cooked with beef or chicken stuffing. In Nigeria, shawarma sales can be started with as little as 100,000 naira.

How to begin


To assure high-quality goods, it is essential to receive sufficient training in shawarma production before launching a shawarma business. In order to draw in your target audience, you must also locate a strategic site, preferably in an urban setting, such as next to a student neighborhood, a supermarket, or a T-junction.

A shawarma toaster, show glass, saucepan and utensils, spron, and fly insecticide are among the items needed for the business.

9. The Data Resale Industry

The modern digital age requires constant connectivity. Due to this, Nigeria consumes a large amount of data each month—more than 80,000 gigabytes.

How the Data Reselling Industry Operates

A data reseller purchases data in large quantities from telecom providers at a discount and resells it to clients at a favorable price.

Needs and Advice for Starting a Data Reselling Company

You need a laptop or smartphone, money for the first purchase, a strong internet connection, and a bank account to receive payments in order to launch a data reselling business. You need to be an effective marketer, lower the cost of data plans, and persuade them to use your services. In order to grow, referrals are crucial.

10. Instagram’s Declutter Agent Business Opportunity

The emergence of social media has created a variety of opportunities, including one for the decluttering service industry. This business model gives users a way to monetize their Instagram accounts by assisting with product presentation for purchasers.

How the Declutter Agent Industry Operates

Your duty as a declutter agent is to bring buyers and sellers together. You receive a portion of the sales that occur after a customer purchases a product and expresses satisfaction. Furniture, mattresses, generators, televisions, fans, and other items are just a few of the many goods that decluttering companies sell.

Starting a business as a decluttering Agent

With a smartphone, Instagram account, data plan, and sufficient power source, you can launch this remote company from anywhere. Having a large following on Instagram is a bonus because it improves the likelihood that people will purchase and sell through your platform. Keeping a positive online reputation is essential to establishing credibility with prospective buyers and sellers.


Now you have plenty of Business opportunities to choose from

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