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Social Media Evaluator

An observer who rates news feeds, ads, and search results on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram is known as a social media evaluator. Although it requires no prior expertise, it is a remote, work from home job that is excellent for beginners.

Activities of a Social Media Evaluator

Social media Evaluator are capable of carrying out a vast array of activities. For instance:

  • Consider the value and relevance of the adverts.
  • Posts should be categorized into a certain topic area.
  • Respond to inquiries regarding the motivations for searches on social media networks.
  • Examine claims made in media, such as photos and films.
  • Determine whether events are actual and whether they are duplicates, etc.

Simply said, a social media evaluator’s work aids social media businesses in enhancing the services they offer to their users.

Salary of a Social Media Evaluator

Social media evaluator can currently earn  from $3 and $20 per hour. The compensation rate may change depending on the rater’s country, the project, and the employer. It could differ per state in the US as well.

Project-specific factors determine whether social media analysts are paid by the hour or by tasks. Their typical weekly workload is between 5 and 30 hours, so their average monthly pay can fluctuate greatly from as little as $60 to as much as $2400.


The AI Community of Appen and TELUS International is now hiring for the position of social media evaluator (formerly Lionbridge AI).

The most typical path to becoming a social media analyst at Appen is to apply for the internet analyst position. They will invite you to projects where there are openings for your location once they have approved your application.

Appen has been using this strategy lately, where they don’t have a single position for a social media evaluator but instead have a range of roles for them that are referred to by different project names. Projects like Uolo, Amur, Nile, and Truckee are just a few examples. One of the top entry-level Appen jobs is social media analysis. Make sure to read this page for further details on how to apply for a work-from-home position with Appen.

TELUS International AI occasionally posts openings for social media evaluator. The locations that are presently taking applications for this position are listed here. One of the top TELUS International rated occupations that you can do from home is social media analysis.


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Positions Requirements

Candidate qualifications for the social media evaluator position include:

  • Have access to a smartphone that is less than three years old, a PC with a sound card, and speakers
  • Have access to a private workspace with a secure high-speed internet connection
  • Regularly and actively using social media
  • Proficiency in the local language and written English (if from a non-English speaking country)
  • Have the capacity to use applications, troubleshoot software, and follow autonomous directions when working from home

Social Media Evaluator


Social Media Evaluators typically work 1-4 hours per day, 5-7 days per week.

Part-time (up to 20 hours per week) positions are available.

The length of projects varies greatly, from short-term assignments to those that can last a year or more.

Process for Application

Seeing if these businesses are recruiting in your area is the first step to becoming a social media analyst. With the following websites, you can examine and instantly apply:

  • The Appen Application Page
  • Application Portal for the AI Community at TELUS International

As previously noted, in order to take part in projects at Appen that might require performing social media evaluation duties, you must apply for the Internet Analyst role. Typically, they don’t offer a position for a social media assessor that you can apply for directly.

They will contact you if they approve of your application. Please be aware that depending on the amount of openings they have, this procedure could take weeks or even months.

When you hear back from the business you’ve applied to, they’ll offer you detailed instructions and policies that change depending on the project.

Is the Social Media Evaluation An AI Training Job?

Absolutely, a social media evaluator is a particular job category that frequently entails developing or evaluating AI algorithms. To increase the accuracy and relevance of AI-driven content suggestions, search results, and ad placements, these assessors examine and rate the material on social media sites.

Although a social media evaluator’s role does not directly involve creating or programming AI systems, their advice is extremely helpful in developing the AI algorithms that are used to manage and filter material on social media platforms.


The entire user experience on social media platforms is greatly improved by a social media evaluator. Pursuing a career as a social media evaluator can enable you to be a part of an industry that is constantly developing as the demand for more sophisticated and personalized online experiences grows, driven by the development of AI.

Applying to become a social media evaluator is the first step toward this in-demand career if you are passionate about social media and having a positive impact on the digital world.


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