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How to Legally Travel and Work in Dubai from Nigeria

It may seem difficult to inquire how to legally travel and work in Dubai from Nigeria, but it is really possible. You can work and live comfortably in Dubai as a Nigerian, and I’ll go into depth on how you can make your dream of working there a reality in this article.

This article’s goal is to provide answers to all of your related queries about legally traveling to and working in Dubai from Nigeria.

Before I continue, there are a few serious questions I’d want to ask you so you may assess your readiness to relocate for job in Dubai.

Why should I employ you? Do you possess any unique talents that I can’t already locate in Dubai? Do you possess a special expertise that will help me with my business in Dubai in a way that no one else can? Are you truly skilled in that area if I had to choose someone to work with in Dubai?

A Dubai company incurs expenses when it sends recruiters to another nation. They must send a recruiter, pay for their airfare, lodging, and meals in addition to paying the recruiter partner in the destination nation and the cost of the person’s flight.

If they choose to hire someone from Dubai, they can significantly reduce their recruitment expenses. The harsh reality is that there must be a truly pressing need for them to go out and recruit.

You should also be aware that, unless you have a particular expertise like the one I just mentioned, the bulk of jobs available to work in Dubai for Nigerians are unskilled labor positions like construction workers, cooks, gardeners, cleaners, and others.

Legally entering and working in Dubai from Nigeria

In response to your query, I’ll outline three legal options for Nigerians to work in Dubai. The first two are suggested, but not the third. I’ll explain in more detail below.


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1. Apply for online  Jobs

This selection would indicate that you are in Nigeria and are applying for jobs online. I will suggest this particular way of looking for job, because it doesn’t require you traveling in search of job. you can be in Nigeria and keep submitting applications online. This process might take time though.

You have to keep applying and doing follow up;

2. Make sure you Have a friend or relative in Dubai

Having a friend or Relative in Dubai will go a long way. If your friend or relative is willing to help you, this may be your best alternative. You need to know someone who lives in Dubai in order for them to locate you a job and handle all the paperwork.

How to Legally Travel and Work in Dubai from Nigeria

3. A Visit in Disguise

I’ve heard stories from people who used this approach to land jobs in Dubai, but the likelihood is quite slim. Thus, before choosing this path, consider it over carefully.

The plan is to obtain a two-month tourist visa, travel to Dubai, and look for work while your visa is still valid. Congratulations if you can land any job; if not, you simply squandered a ton of money.

Traveling to Dubai to hunt for work is a significant risk if your financial condition is tight because traveling there and staying there both cost a ton of money. If you decide to go to Dubai and then when you get there you assume you will get a job, it will be incredibly risky.

Additional Crucial Information

In the event that you do manage to land a job in Dubai, there are a few things you need to be aware of in order to work there.

Requirements for a work visa in Dubai

Nigerians must have a resident visa, a labor card, and a health card in order to work in Dubai. You will be able to do this and stay for up to two years to work.

How do you obtain a visa for permanent residence?

You can obtain a residence visa in one of two ways:

  • By being sponsored by someone who owns a company in the United Arab Emirates.
  • You will have a contract for employment with a company in the United Arab Emirates, and they often process work visas for our clients.

I’m confident that after reading the post about how to legally travel and work in Dubai from Nigeria, you now understand how to do so. Share the content with others so they can also gain from it.



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