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Companies Offering Data Labeling Jobs in 2023

Companies Offering Data Labeling Jobs: Data labeling is a critical component of the human-in-the-loop (HITL) labor market and is important to both machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). The need for data annotators is increasing as more businesses create AI and ML technologies.

This article offers a thorough overview of data labeling careers, making it perfect for anybody thinking about these options.

What is Data Labeling?

The process of providing meaningful tags, labels, or annotations to unstructured data, such as photos, text, audio, or video, in order to make it comprehensible and useable by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithms, is known as data labeling (or data annotation).

Data labelers frequently participate in teams within businesses that create AI and ML technology or work on crowdsourcing platforms. Depending on the firm and project requirements, they could be employed as full-time employees or as independent contractors.

Companies Offering Data Labeling Jobs

Why Become a Data Labeler?

To help AI and ML systems understand and use different forms of data, data labelers are in charge of labeling and categorizing the data. Typical data labeling assignments include:

  • Image Annotation: Annotators of photographs recognize and label the boundaries, features, and objects they see. This may entail tagging particular elements or drawing bounding boxes around things.
  • Text classification: Using techniques like sentiment analysis, topic classification, or keyword extraction, labelers classify text input based on specified labels.
  • Audio labeling and transcription: Labelers translate spoken words from audio recordings and tag certain accents, emotions, or noises.
  • Video Annotation: With the help of a combination of picture and audio labeling techniques, labelers who work with video recognize and categorize objects, activities, and events in video sequences.

Data labeling can be used for a variety of purposes, including chatbots for customer service and self-driving cars, facial recognition technology, and natural language processing. With the development of AI and ML, more precise and superior labeled data are required.

Companies Offering Data Labeling Jobs

Data labeling positions are available on several crowdsourcing sites, including:

1. Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTURK)

A well-known tool for crowdsourcing, Amazon Mechanical Turk links people with companies needing data labeling tasks. The site offers a wide variety of HITL jobs, including data labeling, with varied degrees of difficulty and pay. It offers a flexible option for anyone wishing to get started in data labeling because employees, known as “Turkers,” can select projects that match their talents and interests.

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2. Appen

Global AI and ML services provider Appen provides a variety of data labeling activities on its platform. They frequently work on projects that include things like audio transcription, text classification, and image annotation. When compared to other platforms, Appen is known for offering more stable, long-term projects, making it a desirable choice for data labelers looking for reliable employment opportunities.

3. Clickworker

A crowdsourcing website called Clickworker offers data labeling tasks along with other microtasks including text writing, polls, and web research. The platform is appropriate for those new to data labeling because it has an easy-to-use interface and a variety of jobs. Clickworker gives employees the flexibility and freedom to manage their workload by allowing them to accomplish tasks whenever it is most convenient for them.

4. TELUS International

As part of its AI and ML services, the international corporation TELUS International AI (formerly Lionbridge AI) offers data labeling tasks. The company is known for having more severe qualifying standards and often focuses on categorizing image, text, and audio data. Telus International is a wonderful option for people looking to advance their talents and take on more challenging responsibilities because it offers fair pay rates and frequently offers training to its data labelers.

Data labeling jobs are also available on smaller, local platforms like Remotasks or Microworkers. Despite having fewer tasks and projects available than larger platforms, these platforms can still offer data labelers valuable opportunities and experience. Workers can improve their chances of getting steady employment and develop their skills in a variety of data labeling activities by diversifying across numerous platforms.

Abilities and Skills

Typically, data annotators require the following abilities and credentials:

  • Basic computer literacy: It is the ability to use the internet and computers.
  • Observation of details: the capacity to correctly classify and identify data.
  • Language and cultural expertise: Some tasks call for a certain set of linguistic or cultural competencies.
  • Knowledge of labeling software and tools: Although not required, having prior experience with the necessary tools can be useful.

How to Begin as a Data Labeler

Follow these steps to become a data labeler to start:

  • Look at crowdsourcing platforms and register there.
  • Fill out your profile completely, including any relevant skills and correct information.
  • Attempt qualification tests, if the platform so requires.
  • To get experience and establish your reputation, start with simple jobs.
  • Keep an eye out for fresh chances and assignments.

Data labeling jobs: Advantages and Disadvantages

Data labeling positions have advantages and disadvantages:


  • Flexibility: Data labelers frequently have the ability to select the times and locations of their jobs.
  • Opportunities for remote employment: You can work from home to complete the majority of data annotation tasks.
  • No experience required: Data labeling jobs are often accessible to a wide audience because they don’t typically require prior training.


  • Unpredictable availability of work: The number of assignments can change, making it challenging to forecast revenues.
  • Potential for monotonous work: Data labeling jobs can include repeated work that necessitates sustained attention.
  • Lower salary than other HITL positions: Data labeling positions may pay less than more specialized HITL positions.


Jobs in data labeling offer a convenient and adaptable way for people with little or no expertise to get started in the field of HITL employment. You can decide if this job path fits with your objectives and interests by becoming aware of the duties and responsibilities of data labelers, the skills needed, and the numerous platforms accessible.

Data labeling is still a crucial component of these businesses despite the ongoing development of AI and ML technologies. For committed people looking to contribute to the development of such cutting-edge technologies, this gives continual opportunity.

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