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Highest Paying Jobs in Lagos State, Nigeria

Jobs in Lagos

Highest Paying Jobs in Lagos State, Nigeria: Are you trying to find the most lucrative job in Lagos State Nigeria? Would you like to know which jobs in Nigeria provide the highest salaries? You’ve come to the right place because this article highlights the highest-paying jobs in Lagos State and throughout Nigeria.

There are numerous employment opportunities in Lagos, and you may find them all around the state. However, you cannot afford to take any job in Lagos or Nigeria if you want to survive and live comfortably. Because there are positions that pay monthly salaries of 10,000 Naira or less and positions that pay salaries of 1 million Naira or more. Which do you like best? The most lucrative positions in Lagos State frequently call for a high level of expertise, experience, intelligence, and knowledge in a certain field.

Without these requirements, it is nearly impossible to get a well-paying job in Lagos, let alone succeed at it. The greatest occupations in Nigeria are frequently ranked according to their compensation packages. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the highest-paying jobs in Lagos State, Nigeria. Everyone needs money to survive.

Highest Paying Jobs in Lagos State, Nigeria

Below are some of the highest paying jobs in Lagos state, Nigeria:

Chartered Accountant

A chartered accountant is a person with a background in finance who performs tasks including auditing, company recovery, forensic accounting, management of financial systems and budgets, financial advising, corporate finance, and many more. They are able to find employment in a variety of public and private sectors, including commercial and investment banks, the Central Bank of Nigeria, etc.

As the number of businesses in Lagos State increases, there are more openings for chartered accountants. The average yearly salary for chartered accountants is around ₦3.75 million, which is roughly ₦313,000 per month. Keep in mind that this is merely an average salary; some of these professionals in Nigeria may make more or less.

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Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautics is the science that studies and designs aircraft or any other form of flight technology, to put it simply. The scientists driving this field of study are aeronautical engineers. They also go by the name of aerospace engineers. They are employed by aerospace and aero-engine businesses, the armed forces, the Ministry of Defense, R&D facilities, and manufacturing hangars, among other places.

In Nigeria, an aeronautical engineer typically makes ₦445,000 naira per month, or ₦5.33 million per year. Of course, this sum could differ depending on a number of variables, such as position, gender, geography, abilities, and experience. One of the best occupations in Nigeria is becoming an aeronautical engineer, in part due to the field’s probably top-notch compensation package. Any top 10 list of the most lucrative jobs in Lagos State, Nigeria, will include this profession.

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Pilots operate a variety of aircraft types, as you are undoubtedly already aware. Because they fly or operate aircraft rather than create or work extensively on them, they differ significantly from aeronautical engineers in this regard. However, they are both aware of how the Earth’s atmosphere affects aviation theories and practices. Professional pilots can work in both the public and private sectors, for one another, or for the armed forces.

Nigerian pilots typically make ₦6.83 million a year, which is 569,000 Naira per month. However, this amount could alter depending on a number of previously listed variables.

Highest Paying Jobs in Lagos State, Nigeria

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Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer, or CEO for short, is at the top of the executive personal hierarchy in any corporation. The shareholders and board of directors of a firm vote to elect the CEO. A CEO is in charge of how the business is run, how well it does, and how poorly it does.

In addition to managing crises, developing long- and short-term strategies to advance the company, and acting as a liaison between the board of directors and corporate operations, CEOs also make difficult corporate choices. CEO salaries in Nigeria average ₦8.75 million per year, which is ₦729,000 per month. Depending on the type of organization in question, this number could be higher or lower.

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Judges, who are the deciding factor in a court of law, are among the most paid positions in Lagos State, Nigeria. They preside over court proceedings and provide rulings on matters based on facts and arguments and in accordance with the law. Judges can also mediate agreements between plaintiffs and defendants and adjudicate cases according to the letter of the law.

Although a judge has several different duties in a court of law, they all essentially come down to presiding over cases and hearings. Judges are employed by the government on several levels. They frequently perform their duties in an office or courtroom.

The annual remuneration of several judges in Nigeria, including the Chief Judge of the Federal High Court, the Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory, and the Judge of the Federal High Court, is approximately N1.8 million. The annual remuneration adds up to almost 8.8 million Naira per year, which is 733,000 Naira per month, placing them on our list of the highest-paying employment in Lagos.

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A surgeon is a medical professional who uses intrusive techniques, commonly known as surgeries, to address human deformities, ailments, and diseases. Without a doubt, surgeons play a crucial role in society, and the complexity of their work is increased by the fact that they frequently deal with life-or-death circumstances.

Nigerian surgeons make an average of 11.7 million naira a year, which is 973,000 naira a month. In the medical and healthcare industries, this value will vary widely because certain doctors make significantly more money than others due to their areas of surgical specialization.

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You must keep an open mind, be prepared to apply as soon as possible, and keep your eyes and ears open if you want to land a profitable job in Lagos or Nigeria in general. You can apply for numerous open positions in Lagos online using job application portals and LinkedIn. Some of them allow you to sign up for early alerts about positions that are open across the nation.

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