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Top 10 Loan Apps For iPhone in Nigeria

Loan Apps For iPhone: While most Nigerians think loan apps are only for Android users, iPhone users can also get instant loan online from their mobile device although it is not well known by many people.

Indeed, unlike Android, which is an open source operating system, any developer or company can obtain a license and modify the application if they wish. However, with the iPhone, user privacy is highly respected. This helps to reduce the rate of fake loan application scams in Nigeria.

It just means that although there are only a handful of iPhone loan apps in Nigeria, they are legit and trustworthy. Nairarush has compiled a list of the best loan apps for iPhone in Nigeria.

Interestingly, for every iPhone loan app in Nigeria on this list, you will know their interest rates, how much you can get, their loan requirements and more.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Top 10 Loan Apps For iphone in Nigeria

Loan Apps For iPhone in Nigeria

Below are the top 10 Loan Apps for iPhone in Nigeria:

1. Renmoney

Renmoney app is indeed one of the best iPhone loan apps in Nigeria. It is a financial app that allows people to save and transfer money, pay bills, buy airtime and of course, borrow money instantly from their phones. . Renmoney is very reliable as it is one of the most popular lending platforms in Nigeria. It works for Android and iPhone and offers good loan terms.

As an iPhone user, you can get the Renmoney MFB loan app from the Apple Store and through their website.

2. Aella Credits

Aella is one of the most transparent and trusted loan apps in Nigeria. This app provides Nigerians with instant loans in just five minutes and no collateral required. All you need to get a loan from Aella just download the app from the app store, create an account and apply for a loan. This application offers a sizable loan with a relatively long term.

3. Kuda

Just like Palmpay, Kuda is also a popular online banking app in Nigeria. You can download the Kuda app from the app store and use it for various banking transactions like money transfers, bill payments, and more. Kuda can also act as a loan app for iPhone as it provides loan service where you can easily get instant loan without collateral or guarantor.

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4. Palmpay

Palmpay is another popular loan application for iPhone in Nigeria. The app is well known as an online banking app like Opay, allowing users to send and receive money, pay bills, buy airtime, invest and more.

iPhone users can also borrow money on Palmpay because Palmpay offers a lending service called Palmpay Flexi Cash. This service provides a reasonable loan amount based on your credit score/report. The better your credit rating, the higher the loan amount you will be offered. Flexi Cash loans last from 15 to 30 days with amazing interest rates.

5. Page Financials

As the name suggests, Page Financials is a fintech company that offers a variety of financial services online, including transferring savings, paying bills, and of course loans. This app is one of the best business loan apps for iPhone in Nigeria.

With just a flexible application process, you can easily get personal and business loans from Page Financials at reasonable interest rates.

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6. KiaKia

KiaKia is another peer-to-peer lending app for iPhone in Nigeria. Just like P2Vest, you can easily get a loan from KiaKia by downloading the app from the App Store, signing up as a borrower, and connecting with a lender accepting your loan application.

Once this is done and all conditions are met, the loan will be disbursed to your bank account within minutes.

7. Credit

Credpal is one of the most trusted iPhone online loan apps in Nigeria. While it is one of the best, it works in a slightly different way. Unlike the other loan apps listed in this article, Credpal uses a sponsored credit card as the loan vehicle.

You can use your Credpal credit card to make online and offline payments. To access this credit card, you need to download the Credpal app and register. Once done, you will have to wait a while for your credit line to be available on the card.

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As soon as your credit line is ready, you can apply for a credit card and have it delivered to a location of your choice. Once you have the card, you can start spending and repaying your loan monthly or when you reach your credit limit.

8. Hometown

Hometown is one of the new iPhone loan apps in Nigeria that offers pay-as-you-go loans in addition to the many financial services it offers. The terms and conditions of local loans are flexible as they offer reasonable lending rates to both new and existing customers.

9. NodCredit

NodCredit is another iPhone loan app in Nigeria that offers micro loans to salaried and self-employed people, entrepreneurs and businesses. On this app you can get quick loans from N10,000 to N50,000 for new borrowers. Loyal customers can access up to N300,000.

10. YesCredit

YesCredit makes it easy for you to access instant loans when you need them. Just sign up in seconds, apply for a loan and get approved in minutes.

Once the amount is reflected in your YesCredit wallet, you can immediately transfer it to your bank account. It’s a fast, convenient and reliable way to close your spending gap. Conclusion

While most loan apps in Nigeria are primarily for Android due to their flexibility in using user privacy, some still work on iOS. With this article introducing 10 loan app for iPhone in Nigeria in 2023, I believe you should now know the right apps and get instant loans to your bank account at a reasonable interest rate. and flexible payment methods.

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