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Easy Steps to Remove the EasyBuy Security Plugin From Your Android Phone

Easy Steps to Remove the EasyBuy Security Plugin From Your Android Phone: If you have completed your payment responsibilities or no longer wish to use the Easybuy mobile device financing platform, removing the Easybuy security plugin can be done easily. I’ll walk you through the process of deleting the Easybuy security plugin from your device in this article.

Let’s quickly review Easybuy’s purpose and operation before moving on to how to get rid of the security plugin on Android phones.

Easybuy is a site that enables you to buy the mobile phone of your choice and pay for it over time in monthly installments rather than all at once.

What Is the EasyBuy Security Plugin?

The EasyBuy Security Plugin is a malicious app that disguises itself as a security tool for Android devices. In reality, it is adware – software designed to bombard you with intrusive ads to generate money for its creators. This plugin often gets installed on Android devices without users’ knowledge or consent.

Once installed, the EasyBuy Security Plugin displays full-screen ads at random intervals, including when you unlock your phone, open or close apps, or receive notifications. These disruptive ads significantly impact your user experience and can interfere with normal phone usage. The plugin may also collect personal information like your location or browsing history to target ads.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Removing EasyBuy Security Plugin


To remove the EasyBuy Security Plugin from your Android device, you will need to uninstall the malicious app completely. Here are the steps to uninstall it:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android. Select “Apps & notifications” or “Application manager”.
  2. Locate the EasyBuy Security Plugin app. It is usually listed as “Security Plugin”, “EasyBuy” or a similar name. Tap on the app to open its info page.
  3. Tap “Uninstall” or “Delete” to uninstall the app. If there is no uninstall option, tap “Force stop” first to stop the app from running. Then the uninstall option should appear.
  4. Reboot your Android to refresh the system. This will ensure any remaining traces of the app are removed.
  5. Be cautious of ads or pop-ups prompting you to reinstall the EasyBuy Security Plugin. Ignore and decline them to avoid reinfection.

By following these steps carefully, you can successfully get rid of the malicious EasyBuy Security Plugin from your Android phone and prevent further disruptions. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Why You Might Want to Remove the EasyBuy Security Plugin

You may want to consider removing the EasyBuy Security Plugin from your Android device for a few reasons:

Privacy Concerns

EasyBuy Security Plugin requires access to your camera, microphone, contacts, location, and browsing data in order to function. However, some users feel uncomfortable providing so much personal information and find the data collection excessive for a security app. Removing the plugin will prevent it from accessing your private information and restore your privacy.

Battery Drain

The EasyBuy Security Plugin is known to frequently run background processes to monitor your phone’s activity and scan for threats. This constant activity can reduce your battery life over time. Uninstalling the plugin may help improve your Android’s battery performance and longevity.

False Positives

Some users have reported that the EasyBuy Security Plugin identifies legitimate apps and files as potential threats, known as “false positives.” These false alarms can be annoying and even interfere with the normal functioning of your device. Removing the plugin will prevent any issues caused by inaccurate threat detection.

Alternative Security Options

There are many alternative security apps available for Android that provide malware protection and security scanning without the privacy, battery, and functionality concerns of the EasyBuy Security Plugin. You may want to uninstall the plugin in favor of a security solution that better suits your needs and priorities.

In summary, while the EasyBuy Security Plugin does provide device security, you may find its disadvantages outweigh the benefits and wish to remove the app from your Android phone or tablet. Doing so is a straightforward process and will eliminate any problems caused by the plugin’s excessive data access, battery drain, false positives, or other issues. You can then opt to install an alternative security app with more reasonable permissions and functionality.

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As you have now seen, removing the EasyBuy Security Plugin from your Android phone is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few minutes. By following the step-by-step instructions, you were able to disable the plugin, clear your browser’s cache and data to remove any remaining traces, and uninstall the app to fully delete it from your device. Your phone should now be free of this annoying adware and run more efficiently without it constantly running in the background. Take a moment to double check that EasyBuy Security Plugin is no longer listed under Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps to confirm it was properly uninstalled. With this plugin removed, you can get back to enjoying your Android phone without interruptions.

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