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List of Jobs Available at NVIDIA

NVIDIA: Ever wondered what it’s like to work at one of the world’s most innovative companies? If you’re passionate about building the future of computing, a career at NVIDIA could be for you. As the pioneer of GPU computing, NVIDIA is always on the hunt for talented, motivated people to help create the next big breakthrough. Whether you’re a software engineer, a finance guru, or a marketing mastermind, NVIDIA has a spot for you.

With headquarters in Santa Clara, California and offices around the globe, NVIDIA offers opportunities to work with some of the brightest minds in technology. Every day at NVIDIA brings new challenges and adventures as employees push the boundaries of AI, virtual reality, self-driving cars and more. If you’re ready to join a company culture that inspires innovation, apply for one of the many jobs available at NVIDIA. Who knows, you might just help change the world.

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List of Jobs Available at NVIDIA

List of Jobs Available at NVIDIA

1. Engineering Roles at NVIDIA

NVIDIA is always on the hunt for top engineering talent. If you have a passion for building innovative technologies, check out these exciting roles:

Graphics Software Engineer

Help develop software for NVIDIA’s world-class GPUs and visual computing platforms. You’ll work on rendering, shading, and optimization techniques to create stunning visuals. Experience with C/C++ and graphics APIs like OpenGL and DirectX is key.

Deep Learning Engineer

Work on neural networks and deep learning technologies that power AI in industries like transportation, healthcare, and more. You’ll research and implement deep learning algorithms, build tools for neural network training and deployment, and help push the boundaries of AI. Strong skills in Python, TensorFlow, and Keras are essential.

VLSI Design Engineer

Design, develop, and optimize NVIDIA’s advanced GPU architectures at the circuit and logic level. You’ll work on creating new graphics processors and system-on-a-chip (SoC) solutions. Requires an MS or PhD in electrical engineering, computer engineering or a related field, and experience with RTL design, verification, and VLSI tools.

From building the world’s most powerful graphics cards to advancing AI, a career in engineering at NVIDIA means working on technologies that are transforming industries and impacting millions of users worldwide. If you have the skills and passion to help build the future, there’s a place for you on our team.

2. Software Development Jobs at NVIDIA

NVIDIA has many exciting opportunities for software engineers. Whether you’re into gaming, autonomous vehicles, or AI, there’s a spot for you.

Graphics Software Engineers

As a graphics software engineer, you’ll work on technologies that power interactive graphics in video games, professional design software, and more. You might develop software for rendering, animation, modeling, or simulation. With NVIDIA’s focus on real-time ray tracing and virtual reality, you’ll be at the cutting edge of graphics technologies.

Autonomous Vehicle Software Engineers

If self-driving cars rev your engine, look into roles as an autonomous vehicle software engineer. You’ll develop software for vehicle localization, mapping, perception, planning and controls. Help bring the future of transportation to life by building technologies that enable safe autonomous driving.

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AI and Deep Learning Software Engineers

As an AI and deep learning software engineer, you’ll develop software to help machines learn, think, and solve complex problems. Work with technologies like convolutional neural networks, recurrent neural networks, reinforcement learning, and transfer learning. Build software that powers AI in fields like healthcare, finance, robotics, and beyond.

With state-of-the-art technologies and some of the best minds in the business, NVIDIA offers an exciting place to take your software engineering career to the next level. If you’re passionate about building the future of technology, check out the many opportunities in software development at NVIDIA.

3. IT and Technical Positions at NVIDIA

NVIDIA has many opportunities in the IT and technical fields. Whether you’re an expert in AI, software engineering, or web development, NVIDIA likely has a position for you.

Software Engineers

As a software engineer at NVIDIA, you could work on anything from designing graphics processing units (GPUs) and the software that powers them to developing software for autonomous vehicles, robotics, and more. NVIDIA’s 10,000+ software engineers get to work on cutting-edge technologies in fields like:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning: Help build the software used to train AI models and neural networks.
  • Self-driving cars: Develop software for NVIDIA’s DRIVE platform which provides AI for autonomous vehicles.
  • Gaming: Create software to optimize NVIDIA’s graphics cards for PC and virtual reality gaming.
  • Data science: Build software tools for managing, analyzing, and visualizing huge amounts of data.

Web Developers

NVIDIA’s web developers build and maintain the company’s public-facing websites and web applications. They develop sites like using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Web developers at NVIDIA get to work with new web technologies like:

  • React and Vue.js: Popular JavaScript libraries for building user interfaces.
  • GraphQL: A query language for APIs that provides a more efficient way for web applications to get data from servers.
  • Web assembly: A new technology that allows web developers to use languages other than JavaScript, like C++, to build web apps.

Working as an IT professional or software engineer at NVIDIA means being at the cutting edge of technology and having opportunities for career growth. If you have a technical background and want to help build the future of AI, autonomous vehicles, gaming, and more, check out NVIDIA’s open positions.

4. Business and Sales Jobs at NVIDIA

If you’re interested in the business and sales side of NVIDIA, there are several career options to consider.

Sales Representatives

Sales representatives are responsible for selling NVIDIA’s products and services to new and existing customers. They build relationships, understand customer needs, and communicate the benefits of solutions to drive sales. Successful candidates will have a bachelor’s degree, at least 2-3 years of sales experience, and the ability to travel.

Account Managers

Account managers oversee the portfolio of assigned customers and key accounts. They develop strategies to expand business with existing clients through upselling and cross-selling. Key duties include creating account plans, handling contract negotiations, resolving issues, and ensuring high customer satisfaction. This role typically requires a bachelor’s degree and 3-5 years of relevant work experience.

Business Development Managers

Business development managers identify and pursue new business opportunities to drive company growth. They research industry trends, build strategic partnerships, and work to increase brand awareness. Strong communication, critical thinking, and relationship-building skills are essential. A bachelor’s degree and 5+ years of experience in a related field, like sales, marketing, or business development are typical requirements.

Marketing Specialists

Marketing specialists help promote NVIDIA products and services to targeted customer segments. They may assist with content creation, social media management, event planning, and campaign execution. Creativity, project management abilities, and knowledge of marketing tools and analytics are useful for this position. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, or a related field is typically needed.

With innovative technology and solutions, a collaborative company culture, and opportunities for career growth, NVIDIA’s business and sales teams help drive the company’s success. Exploring one of these roles could be a great way to join their team.


So you’re interested in a career at NVIDIA? That’s great to hear. NVIDIA is a leader in visual computing and artificial intelligence technologies. Working there would be an exciting opportunity. Here are some frequently asked questions about jobs at NVIDIA:

What positions are available at NVIDIA?

NVIDIA hires for a wide range of roles, including:

  • Software engineers to work on groundbreaking technologies like deep learning and autonomous vehicles.
  • Hardware engineers to design NVIDIA’s graphics processing units (GPUs) and system on a chip (SoCs).
  • Researchers in fields like deep learning, computer vision, and virtual reality.
  • Sales, marketing, and business development professionals to spread NVIDIA’s innovative technologies around the world.

What skills and experience are required?

The specific requirements will depend on the role, but in general, NVIDIA looks for:

  • Relevant university degrees, especially in computer science, engineering, and related fields.
  • Strong technical and problem-solving skills. NVIDIA works on complex, cutting-edge technologies.
  • Knowledge of programming languages like C/C++, Python, and CUDA.
  • Experience with technologies such as deep learning, computer vision, parallel computing, and GPUs.
  • Soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and a growth mindset. NVIDIA values lifelong learning.

What’s the work environment like?

NVIDIA has an open, collaborative culture that encourages creativity and innovation. Employees describe the work as challenging but rewarding. NVIDIA offers generous benefits and compensation, including stock options, as well as perks like gyms, cafeterias, and employee discounts. The dress code is casual.

If this sounds appealing, visit NVIDIA’s careers page to browse open positions and submit your application. NVIDIA is always looking for talented, passionate people to help build the future of visual computing. Good luck!

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