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Bloomberg Application Stages

Bloomberg is a high-tech, market-moving, data-driven, cross-platform news organization that aims to fix problems around the world.

It’s hard to get a job at Bloomberg, a huge news and data company. A 2020 poll by the workplace app Blind found that the company has a lot of happy and growing employees.

The company gets about 20,000 applications for 400 jobs in EMEA in areas like software development, customer service, analytics, and global data.

Insider talked to Irina Fransson, who is in charge of hiring early-career professionals in EMEA for Bloomberg. She said there are four key steps to the application process: Putting in your resume and application, watching a pre-recorded video interview, taking psychometric tests, and going to the assessment centre, where you may take tests based on your hobbies, interview, and shadow a current employee.

The key to getting a full-time role at Bloomberg is doing your research, networking like crazy, and practicing your interview skills. You need to know Bloomberg inside and out – what they do, their culture, their key people. Reach out to current employees, join their social networks, attend their events. When it’s time for your interviews, be ready to demonstrate why you’re a perfect fit. Show your passion for finance and journalism. Highlight relevant experience. And ask good questions that show your enthusiasm and knowledge.

History of Bloomberg

Michael Bloomberg started Bloomberg in 1981 as a way to give people information and analysis about money. The company began with its most popular product, the Bloomberg Terminal, and in its first ten years of business, it had sold over 10,000 pieces. Then it put in place Bloomberg News, a company that reports on foreign business news.

Over the next 10 years, 150,000 people signed up to receive the news source’s updates. The company then launched Bloomberg Tradebook, which let people trade directly through Bloomberg. The company sells financial goods and offers media services.

Bloomberg became a major financial company with over 325,000 professional service subscribers, almost 1 million copies of Bloomberg Businessweek distributed around the world, and more than 150 news offices around the world.

Bloomberg Application Stages

Bloomberg Application Stages

1. Bloomberg Online Application

Make a good first impact during this part of the hiring process. This is your chance to stand out from the other applicants. The online form will ask about your education and any grades you’ve gotten, as well as your work history and, based on the business area you’re applying to, some motivational questions.

It’s best to apply early because applications are often looked at all at once. In this way, you improve your chances of moving on to the next step in the hiring process.

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2. Bloomberg’s First Round Interview

After you passed the online tests, Bloomberg will ask you to come in for their first interview. This is your chance to show what you’re passionate about and how your skills make you a good fit for the job.

It will be built on skills. Think about the projects you’ve worked on in the past, whether they were for school or work. Write down what your part was, what you accomplished, and how you dealt with any issues that came up.

This interview can happen either over the phone or in person. If you have a phone interview coming up, practice answering questions with friends over the phone and ask them to give you feedback on things like your voice, volume, tone, etc. Also, on the day of the interview, go somewhere quiet where no one will bother you.

3. Bloomberg Assessment Centre

You will be able to meet people who work at Bloomberg and learn more about the company at the Bloomberg Assessment Centre. This is a great time for you to learn more about what it’s like to work at Bloomberg.


Bloomberg attracts top talent from around the world, so the interview process to land a full-time role can be quite competitive. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you navigate the process.

What does the interview process look like?

The interview process typically consists of a phone screen with a recruiter, followed by 3-4 rounds of interviews, either over the phone or in-person. The rounds may include:

  • A skills assessment to evaluate your technical abilities
  • A case study or work sample to assess your critical thinking
  • A culture and values interview to determine if you’re a good fit with Bloomberg’s principles
  • Interviews with managers and executives in your area of interest

Throughout the process, be prepared for scenario-based questions, questions about your relevant experience, strengths and weaknesses, career goals, and why you’re interested in Bloomberg.

What should I expect in terms of compensation?

Bloomberg aims to offer competitive and fair compensation based on your skills, experience, and the requirements of the role. Salaries and bonuses will vary significantly based on position and location.

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