Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu Courses and Admission Requirements

Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu: Do you want to enroll at Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu? How about knowing the necessary admission requirements you need to enroll in the school? This articles will guide on the necessary information you need to know about the school. This article entails the list of courses offered by the school and also their admission requirements.

About The School

The Federal College of Education, Eha-Amufu is a higher education institution that is run by the federal government and is situated at Eha Amufu, which is located in Enugu State, Nigeria. For the degree programs that it offers, it is connected with the University of Nigeria. Currently serving as the Provost is Pauline Ikwuegbu.

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Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu List of Courses Offered

Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu


Below are the list of courses offered at Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu:

  • Biology / Integrated Science
  • Business Education
  • Christian Religious Studies / Political Science
  • Christians Religion Studies / Igbo
  • Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies
  • Chemistry / Integrated Science
  • Chemistry / Mathematics
  • Christian Religious Studies / English
  • Computer Education / Economics
  • Computer Education / Music
  • Computer Science Education / Integrated Science
  • Computer Education / Physics
  • Computer Education / Biology
  • Computer Education / Chemistry
  • Computer Science Education / Mathematics
  • English / French
  • English / Hausa
  • English / Igbo
  • English / Music
  • English / Political Science
  • English / Social Studies
  • Economics / English
  • Economics / Mathematics
  • Economics / Political Science
  • Economics / Social Studies
  • English / Yoruba
  • French / Social Studies
  • French / Igbo
  • French / Music
  • Hausa / Music
  • Hausa / Igbo
  • Hausa / Social Studies
  • Igbo / Music
  • Igbo / Social Studies
  • Igbo / Yoruba
  • Integrated Science / Mathematics Education
  • Integrated Science / Physics
  • Mathematics / Physics
  • Mathematics / Social Studies
  • Music / Christian Religious Studies
  • Music / Social Studies
  • Music / Yoruba
  • Primary Education Studies
  • Social Studies
  • Social Studies / Yoruba
  • Music (Double Major)
  • Physical And Health Education (Double Major)
  • Computer Science / Biology
  • Computer Science / Economics
  • Fine And Applied Arts (Double Major)
  • Social Studies (Double Major)
  • English (Double Major)
  • Home Economics (Double Major)
  • Agricultural Science (Double Major)
  • Economic/ Computer Science Education
  • Music/ Computer Education

Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu Admission Requirements

To gain admission into Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu, there are a few requirements you’ll need to meet. Knowing these in advance will help ensure your application is complete and increases your chances of acceptance.

Minimum Admission Requirements

To qualify for admission, you must:

  • Have a minimum of 5 credits in relevant subjects including English Language, Mathematics, one Science subject and two other subjects at not more than two sittings in WASSCE/NECO or five credits at one sitting.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age at the time of application.
  • Must have a minimum of 5 years post-primary education.
  • Must have a minimum of upper credit in relevant ND program for Direct Entry candidates.
  • Must meet the minimum UTME cut-off mark for admission into the college. The cut-off mark varies from year to year based on competition.
  • Must have chosen Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu as first choice when registering for JAMB.

Application Process

To apply for admission into Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu, you need to follow these steps:

  • Purchase the college’s admission form from the admission office or download from the college’s website. Read through carefully and fill accurately.
  • Attach photocopies of your credentials including BIRTH CERTIFICATE, WAEC/NECO results, Local Government of Origin, etc. to the completed form.
  • Submit the completed admission form with the required documents to the admission office before the deadline. Late applications will not be considered.
  • Check the admission list on the college’s website or admission office notice board to confirm if offered provisional admission.
  • Accept the offer of admission on the college’s website or admission office within the stipulated time. Failure to accept within the deadline will lead to forfeiture of admission.
  • Proceed to the college for screening and registration upon resumption. Come along with originals of the documents attached to your admission form for verification.

Following these admission guidelines carefully will set you on the path to becoming a student of Federal College of Education Eha-Amufu. Best of luck!

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Which state is EHA Amufu?

Enugu State, Nigeria is home to the town of Eha Amufu, also known as Eha-Umuhu in Igbo. The Isi Uzo Local Government Area comprises its location, and it has a boundary with both the states of Benue and Ebonyi.

How many federal colleges of education are there in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, there are 205 colleges of education and other schools that provide NCE Certificates. These colleges of education are comprised of 27 federal colleges of education, 82 private colleges of education, and 54 state colleges of education.

Is EHA Amufu part of Nsukka?

The location of Eha Amufu may be found in the Nsukka Local Government Area from the state of Enugu. There are towns in the surrounding area, such as Obollo-Afor, Nsukka, and Adani, that are adjacent to it. The majority of the town’s residents are members of the Igbo ethnic group, who are well-known for their lively traditions, music, and food from the region.

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