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A Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Funds From Cash App to Chime

As a Chime or Cash App user, you may want to transfer funds between the two platforms. This comprehensive guide provides step-by-step instructions to help you seamlessly move your hard-earned money.

In just five quick steps, you will learn how to link your Cash App to an external bank account in order to withdraw money. You will then be shown how to make an instant transfer from your linked bank account into your Chime Spending Account.

With clear explanations and visuals walking you through the simple process, you can feel confident transferring funds and accessing your money across platforms. Whether you want to consolidate accounts or need to transfer for a purchase, this article has you covered.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Funds From Cash App to Chime

Why Transfer Money From Cash App to Chime?

There are a few key reasons why you may want to transfer funds from your Cash App account to a Chime spending account:

  • Access funds faster – Transfers from Cash App to Chime are typically available within minutes, allowing quicker access to your money compared to a standard bank transfer which can take a few business days. This is helpful if you need funds urgently.
  • Avoid transfer fees – Transferring money from Cash App to Chime is free, while your bank may charge for incoming transfers from Cash App or external accounts. You can avoid fees by routing transfers through Chime first.
  • Organize finances – Keeping personal and business transactions separated across accounts helps track expenses. Use Cash App for peer payments and Chime as your daily spender.
  • Chime member perks – When your Chime account reaches $200 in monthly direct deposits, you unlock features like early access to paychecks, 10% cash back at partner gas stations and restaurants, and more. Transferring from Cash App helps hit the $200 threshold faster.
  • Earn more interest – Chime offers an automatic savings feature that helps you set aside money in an FDIC insured account that earns much higher interest than traditional savings accounts. Moving funds from Cash App lets you take advantage of this benefit.

By understanding the incentives to transfer money from Cash App to Chime, you can take full advantage of the features and convenience offered by linking these two accounts. It takes just minutes to complete transfers and unlock meaningful rewards.

Step-by-Step Guide to Transferring Money From Cash App to Chime

Transferring funds from Cash App to Chime is straightforward with just a few simple steps. Follow this guide to securely move money between the two financial platforms.


  • Active Cash App and Chime accounts
  • Sufficient balance in Cash App to transfer
  • Bank account information for Chime

Step 1: Initiate Money Transfer in Cash App

Open the Cash App mobile app and select the “Banking” tab on the bottom toolbar. Press “Transfer Money” then choose the amount you wish to move. Input your Chime account details when prompted. Verify the details carefully before submitting the transfer request.

Step 2: Accept Transfer in Chime

You will receive an alert from Chime on your mobile device or via email about the incoming money transfer. Log into your Chime account and confirm you are willing to accept the funds from Cash App by selecting “Accept.”

Step 3: Check Transfer Status

In both Cash App and Chime, you can check the status of the money transfer. Large transfers or those exceeding daily limits may take 1-3 business days to fully process. For small amounts under $250, the transfer to Chime generally completes within minutes.

With these simple steps, you can securely move funds from Cash App to your Chime account. Check balances and transaction histories in both apps to ensure the transfer goes through as expected without any issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Transferring Funds From Cash App to Chime

How long does a transfer from Cash App to Chime take?

Most transfers from Cash App to Chime take 1-3 business days to fully process. The funds will initially show as “pending” in your Chime account before becoming fully available for spending or withdrawal.

Is there a fee to transfer money from Cash App to Chime?

No, transferring money from Cash App to Chime is currently free. Cash App does not charge fees for standard transfers sent to U.S. bank accounts.

What information do I need to transfer money from Cash App to Chime?

In order to transfer money from Cash App to Chime, you must have the full routing and account number for your Chime Spending Account linked to your Chime debit card. You will input this information in the Cash App payment screen.

Can I make instant transfers from Cash App to Chime?

Unfortunately no, Cash App does not offer instant transfers to Chime accounts at this time. Only standard 1-3 day bank transfers are available. For instant transfers, Chime partners with services like PayPal, Venmo, Square and direct deposit.

What should I do if my Cash App to Chime transfer is not showing up?

First double check you input the correct Chime routing and account number in Cash App. If it still does not show up in your Chime account after 3 days, you may need to contact Cash App support for help tracking the transfer. The funds may have been sent to the wrong account by mistake.

Is there a limit on Cash App to Chime transfer amounts?

Cash App has a $7,500 weekly transferring limit for standard transfers to bank accounts. So you cannot transfer more than $7,500 each week from Cash App to your linked Chime Spending Account.

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As you have seen, transferring funds from Cash App to Chime is a straightforward process that can be completed in just a few steps. By linking your accounts, verifying your identities, and initiating the transfer, you empower yourself to move money between these useful mobile banking platforms.

Equipped with this knowledge, you can now easily shift money as needed to meet your financial goals or day-to-day spending needs. Leveraging the convenience of these digital tools places greater control over your finances at your fingertips.

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