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7 Must-Have Icy Tools NFTs for Your Digital Collection

As an avid NFT collector, you understand the importance of curating a collection of the rarest and most valuable digital assets. With new NFT projects launching daily across various blockchains, it can be challenging to determine which NFTs are worth acquiring and holding long-term.

When it comes to collections with strong potential for future growth and mainstream adoption, the Icy Tools collection should be at the top of your list. Launched in 2021, the Icy Tools NFT project features 7,777 algorithmically generated tools with varying attributes like backgrounds, textures, and other unique characteristics.

With a passionate community backing the project and more partnerships in development, the Icy Tools NFTs show no signs of slowing down. If you’re looking to diversify your NFT portfolio, here are the 7 must-have Icy Tools NFTs to add to your digital collection.

7 Must-Have Icy Tools NFTs for Your Digital Collection

Bored Ape Yacht Club – The Elite of NFT Collectibles

The Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) is considered the elite of NFT collectibles. Launched in April 2021, BAYC is a collection of 10,000 unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.

BAYC has become a status symbol for prominent figures in music, sports, and entertainment. Each BAYC NFT is an algorithmically-generated ape with different attributes like expression, hat, and clothing. Scarcity and prestige have driven the floor price up to over $300,000 per BAYC NFT at the time of writing.

Rarity & Ownership

Some BAYC apes are rarer than others based on attribute combinations, with the rarest apes selling for $1M or more on the secondary market. Owning a BAYC ape signifies membership in an elite club and grants access to members-only benefits. BAYC recently launched a members-only social club for owners in New York City.

Roadmap & Community

BAYC has outlined an ambitious roadmap to expand the brand into other verticals like gaming, events, and media. They have fostered an enthusiastic community of owners and fans on Discord and Twitter. The team frequently engages with the community and incorporates their feedback into new initiatives.

The Team

BAYC was created by Yuga Labs, a team of anonymous developers. Despite their anonymity, Yuga Labs has earned credibility through consistent delivery, community engagement, and a long-term vision for building out the BAYC ecosystem.

Owning an asset from such a prestigious collection is a coveted status symbol in the world of NFTs. If you’re looking to assemble a high-value NFT portfolio, BAYC should be at the top of your list. The scarcity, brand power, and roadmap upside provide a compelling case for adding a Bored Ape to your digital collection.

CryptoPunks – The OG NFT Collection

As one of the first NFT collections, CryptoPunks are digital collectibles with historical significance. Minted in 2017, CryptoPunks feature pixelated characters that are diverse, unique, and scarce. There are only 10,000 CryptoPunks in existence, and no two are exactly alike.

Owning a CryptoPunk today signifies that you are an early adopter of blockchain technology and an NFT pioneer. CryptoPunks have become a status symbol in the crypto community. As the popularity of NFTs has skyrocketed, the value of CryptoPunks has also dramatically increased. Rare CryptoPunks are highly sought after, with some selling for millions of dollars at auction.

The characteristics of each CryptoPunk are generated randomly, making some more rare than others. For example, only 88 CryptoPunks feature a beanie, while just nine have a medical mask. Alien CryptoPunks (numbers 3100 to 3109) and apes (numbers 2499 to 2527) are particularly rare and desirable.

If you can acquire one of these scarce variations, it is likely to hold and increase significantly in value over time as the NFT space continues to grow.

CryptoPunks have cemented themselves as an important part of blockchain and NFT history. They represent the start of digital ownership and have paved the way for the thriving NFT market we have today.

No collection is complete without at least one CryptoPunk. If you’re able to obtain one of these sought-after original NFTs, you’ll own a piece of history and join an exclusive club of early blockchain adopters. CryptoPunks should be at the top of your list of must-have NFTs.

Cool Cats – For the Trendy NFT Enthusiast

As an NFT collector focused on acquiring trendy and popular digital assets, the Cool Cats NFT collection should be at the top of your list. Launched in June 2021, the Cool Cats NFT project features 9,999 randomly generated cat characters with varying attributes like fur color, eye color, outfit, and expression.

Each NFT in the collection has a different level of rarity based on the attributes and how often that combination appears.

The Cool Cats NFTs were created by four friends – Evan Vandenberg, Chris Hassett, Derek Lau and Glenn Arcaro, who came together with the goal of building an NFT community focused on positivity, inclusiveness and real utility.

Holding a Cool Cat NFT provides membership access to exclusive real-world and virtual events and merchandise, with the team committed to adding more value and benefits to NFT holders over time.

With recent sales volumes and average sale prices rising for Cool Cats on secondary markets, these trendy NFTs have demonstrated their popularity and potential for gains. As an asset aimed at NFT enthusiasts interested in community and real-world utility, the Cool Cats collection merits strong consideration for any trend-focused digital collection.

Their team’s dedication to holders, stylized cat designs, and mission of inclusiveness have resonated with the NFT community, cementing their status as a must-have NFT brand.

For NFT collectors eager to acquire the next set of trendy and culturally relevant digital assets, the Cool Cats NFT collection deserves a spot at the top of your watchlist.

Their unique combination of community, utility, and stylized designs have propelled Cool Cats to become a highly sought after NFT brand, and a collection poised to continue increasing in value and cultural significance over time. Add a Cool Cat to your collection today before their popularity and prices rise even higher.

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As an NFT collector building your digital portfolio, having the right mix of assets is key. The Icy Tools collection offers unique and visually stunning pieces that are poised to gain significant value over time as the space continues to expand.

By acquiring even one of these pioneering NFTs, you position yourself at the forefront of this movement as an early adopter and ensure your collection stands apart.

Though the road ahead remains unclear, the potential is enormous. Now is the time to take a bold step into the future of digital collectibles and secure your place in NFT history with one of these trailblazing Icy Tools. The opportunities are frozen in time, waiting to be claimed by visionaries like yourself. What are you waiting for? The future is now – go get your Icy Tools.

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