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Top 7 International Money Transfer Apps


As a savvy consumer in today’s digital finance environment, you want to make the most of your money. Selecting the right international money transfer apps allows you to send funds abroad quickly, securely and cost effectively.

Evaluating all the options for 2024 can be overwhelming, so we have researched the top contenders. In this article, you will discover our picks for the 7 best international money transfer apps based on fees, exchange rates, country coverage, transfer limits and more.

With the New Year approaching, review our recommendations to determine the ideal platforms for your specific currency exchange and global payment needs in 2024 and beyond. Equipped with these insights, you can confidently choose fintech solutions to move your hard-earned money worldwide with optimal efficiency.

Top 5 International Money Transfer Apps

The Best International Money Transfer Apps in 2024

In 2024, sending money across borders has never been easier thanks to innovative finance apps. These digital solutions allow you to make international money transfers right from your mobile device at competitive exchange rates and low fees.


The popular payments platform PayPal remains a trusted leader for international money transfers in 2024. PayPal’s Xoom service enables bank transfers to over 70 countries with transparent fees and FX rates. You can send money directly to bank accounts or for cash pickup, with most transfers completed within minutes.


TransferWise, now known as Wise, utilizes a peer-to-peer model to provide affordable international money transfers. By matching your transfer with that of someone else going in the opposite direction, Wise is able to minimize exchange rate markups and keep fees low. In 2024, Wise supports over 750 currency routes across more than 70 countries.


WorldRemit offers a convenient way to send money to over 150 countries from your mobile device or computer. You can send to bank accounts, for cash pickup, or even as mobile money to certain countries. WorldRemit is known for competitive exchange rates and low transfer fees, with most transactions processed instantly. They also frequently run promo codes and special offers for new customers.

XE Money Transfer

XE Money Transfer, a service of currency authority, allows you to send money to over 170 countries for free. They make money through small markups on the mid-market exchange rate but remain very budget-friendly. You can send to bank accounts, for cash pickup or as mobile money. XE also has excellent customer service and a simple interface, making them a top choice for international money transfers in 2024.


Xoom, a PayPal service, is a convenient way to send money internationally. With Xoom, you can send money to over 130 countries in more than 50 currencies. Xoom offers competitive exchange rates and charges minimal fees. You can send money for bank deposit, cash pickup or home delivery. Xoom has an app for iOS and Android.


MoneyGram is a leading global money transfer service. With MoneyGram, you can send money to over 200 countries in more than 120 currencies. MoneyGram offers affordable fees and exchange rates. You can send money for bank deposit, cash pickup or mobile wallet. MoneyGram has an app for iOS and Android.

Wise (formerly TransferWise)

Wise is a popular money transfer service for sending funds internationally. With Wise, you can transfer money to over 80 countries and more than 150 currencies. Wise uses the real exchange rate and charges very low fees. You simply sign up for an account, enter the details of where you want to send money, and Wise will provide you with the exchange rate and fees upfront. Wise is available as an app for iOS and Android.

Key Features to Look for in a Money Transfer App

When choosing an international money transfer app, there are several key features to consider:

Low or No Fees

The top money transfer apps either charge very low fees or no fees at all for standard transfers. Some charge small markups on the exchange rate instead of explicit fees. Others offer free transfers for a limited time or when meeting a minimum transfer amount. Look for an app with fees that fit your needs and budget.

Competitive Exchange Rates

For the best value, choose an app that offers exchange rates that are as close as possible to the mid-market rate. Some apps partner with major foreign exchange brokers to offer rates that are very close to the actual market rate. This can save you money, especially when transferring larger amounts.

Multiple Transfer Methods

The most versatile money transfer apps offer various ways to send and receive funds such as bank account transfers, cash pickups, mobile wallets, and prepaid cards. More options provide greater convenience and flexibility. Check which methods are available for your destination country.

Strong Security

When transmitting sensitive financial information and funds electronically, security is paramount. Look for an app that uses encryption to protect your data and logins, two-factor authentication, and other standard security protocols to reduce fraud risk. Legitimate companies will clearly outline their security policies and safeguards.

Positive Reviews

Search online for reviews from other customers regarding their experience using the money transfer app. Look for mostly positive reviews mentioning things like fast transfers, good value, helpful customer service, an easy to use interface, and reliability. While no company has 100% perfect reviews, the majority should be enthusiastic.

By evaluating money transfer apps based on these key features, you can determine which option suits your needs best and offers the most value and convenience when sending funds internationally. Choose wisely for safe, affordable, and transparent global payments.

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As you can see, there are several excellent international money transfer apps to choose from in 2024. By evaluating your priorities such as low fees, exchange rates, transfer speeds and transaction limits, you can determine the best fit for your needs.

Whichever app you decide to use, be sure to carefully check all terms, conditions and transfer fees to avoid any surprises. With the convenience these apps provide for sending money abroad, you’ll be transferring funds internationally in no time. We hope this overview of the top 7 international money transfer apps has been helpful as you make your decision.

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