Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu Cut Off Mark & How to Calculate Their Aggregate Score

Are you interested in becoming a student of the Federal Polytechnic Damaturu. If yes, then this post will be of great help to you as it is not only important for one to know the cut off mark of their preferred institution but also how to calculate the aggregate score.

On this note, we are going to tell you what aggregate and Post UTME Score means and what things are to be considered before calculating the aggregate score.

About Federal Polytechnic Damaturu

As soon as Yobe State was established, the then-governing body recognized the importance of improving the surroundings and standards of education, particularly technical education, in the state. In the end of 1992, the decision was made to establish Yobe State Polytechnic in Damaturu, the state capital.

Informing the State Government of its choice to establish a Federal Polytechnic in Damaturu, the Federal Government. The state polytechnic was launching at the same time as the necessary manpower and resources were being assembled.

Decree 193 of the Federal Polytechnics established the Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu, in May 1993. (Amendment No. 2).

The Yobe State Government gave the Federal Ministry of Education the former Damaturu Government College site and the adjacent phase II of the Yobe State Government Secretariat for the Polytechnic’s seating after appointing a visionary rector.

The university began with six academic departments and throughout the years has slowly grown to five academic schools with twelve academic departments.

What is Post UTME Score?

After every UTME exercise, the exam body sets a particular mark {e.g., 120}. This mark is a score a candidate must have or cross to qualify him or her to sit for the chosen school’s POST UTME exercise.

This said mark is announced to all schools to enable them to decide the number of candidates they will admit. After the school’s decision, they announce a particular mark that must not be lower than the mark the UTME body fixed.

Any candidate who crosses the mark set by the UTME body and does not reach the chosen school’s mark is NEVER eligible to sit for the school’s  POST UTME.

This mark or score set by the school admission board is known as SCHOOL’S CUT-OFF MARK.

What is Aggregate Score ?

Aggregate scores are calculated by finding the sum of all those subjects whose marks have to be considered, and then dividing the sum by total marks. The final result is then multiplied with 100, which gives the aggregate percentage.

How to Calculate Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu Aggregate Score

To correctly calculate your aggregate, know that the JAMB Examination is made up of 400 marks, whereas the Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu Post UTME is made of 100 marks.

Divide your JAMB score by 8,

Divide your Post UTME score by  2,

Add up the result.

This is how to calculate yours.

If Tina scored 240 in her JAMB and 80 in her Post UTME, then her Aggregate score can be gotten by following these steps.

240/8= 30

80/2= 40

40+ 30= 70

Tina’s aggregate score is 70.

Federal Polytechnic Damaturu Courses and Admission  Requirements

Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu was established in May 1993 and is a government-funded and -run institution. The Federal Ministry of Education received the site of the old Government College Damaturu as well as phase II of the Yobe State Government Secretariat from the then-government of Yobe State. The purpose of this choice was to make room for the polytechnic.
You may get a breakdown of the Federal Polytechnic Damaturu (FEDPODAM) HND Entrance Form on this page.

Federal Polytechnic Damaturu is accepting applications from qualified individuals for admission to its full-time and part-time Higher National Diploma programs for the academic year 2023–2024.


Federal Polytechnic Bauchi Courses and Requirements

Courses offered at Auchi Polytechnic and Requirements

Courses and Requirements at Federal Polytechnic Bali 

Entrance Criteria for Federal Polytechnic Ado, Ekiti

Six academic divisions made up the Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu’s initial academic offering. The college eventually expanded to have twelve academic departments and five academic schools, including:

  • Business Administration and Management Studies.
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Technology Laboratory in Science
  • Engineering in Electrical and Electronics
  • research and geoinformation
  • Engineering, Civil
  • Estate Administration
  • Financial and Accounting
  • Computing Science

Schools in Federal Polytechnic Damaturu include:

1.  General Studies Programs at Federal Polytechnic Damaturu

  • Civil Engineering Department
  • Electrical Electronics Department
  • Mechanical Engineering

2. School of Environmental Engineering

  • Estate Management Survey & Geoinformatics Department
  • Urban and Regional Planning

3. School of Engineering Technology

  • Department of Civil Engineering
  • Department of Electrical Electronics
  • Department Mechanical Engineering

4. General Studies School

  • Department of General Studies Department of Basic Science
  • Accounting and Banking departments within the School of Management Studies

5. School of Science and Technology

  • Department of Agric Technology
  • Department of Computer Science
  • Department of Science Laboratory Technology
  • Department of Statistics
  • Department of Business Administration and Management
  • Department of Marketing
  • Department of Office Technology & Management
  • Department of Public Administration
  • Cut off mark for Federal Polytechnic Damaturu

Requirements needed to enter Federal Polytechnic Damaturu

Candidates must satisfy the following prerequisites in order to be considered for admission:

  • Applicants must obtain a minimum UTME score of 150.
  • Applicants must have received at least five passing grades in pertinent O’ Level disciplines, including English language and mathematics. It should only be gotten in two sittings.
  • Candidates for the Higher National Diploma (HND) must provide their National Diploma (ND) certificates or statements of results from an approved polytechnic.
  • Candidates must click on the link to apply online
  • Applicants must register by giving the necessary information. Complete the application form, and either make the payment online or in person at any bank. Candidates should then confirm their admission status.
  • Candidates should pay their acceptance fee and school fees online using their ATM cards or by going to the bank if admission has been offered.

The passing grade at Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu, is 150. It indicates that students must receive a score of 150 or higher on the UTME in 2023 in order to qualify for the Post UTME exam.
Entrance to Federal Polytechnic in Damataru
Full-time and part-time programs in the National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma are available at the Federal Polytechnic, Damaturu (HND).

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