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Duties of  a FedEx Package Handler

Duties of  a FedEx Package Handler

All day long, FedEx package handlers are responsible for transporting packages to and from their destinations.

Package handlers with FedEx are transferred to different positions where they scan packages as they enter and exit the facility. You should be able to tolerate working in a physically demanding environment if you want to succeed in this position.

Before being sent out, various parcels are assembled, scanned, sealed, and loaded by a warehouse package handler. Their primary responsibilities include placing items in packaging, ensuring that the labels are accurate, and lifting and loading bulky shipments into vehicles.

Workers who handle packages in warehouses. They arrange for the delivery of the items, place them in the suitable location or on the appropriate shelf, handle them properly, and prepare them for packing. To make sure the goods are in good condition, they could also be asked to package and load things onto trucks or other logistical vehicles.

Jobs as FedEx package handlers are excellent for those looking for entry-level positions with opportunities for advancement. Anyone looking to work for a reputable organization but with few strict prerequisites can start with this position. Additionally, the position pays well for an entry-level position, and full-time FedEx employees can benefit from a variety of benefits.

Duties of  a FedEx Package Handler

FedEx package handlers perform a wide range of tasks in a warehouse setting. Ensure that goods arrive where they are supposed to go is one of the key duties of package handlers. The physical labor that package handlers perform requires them to have the strength to lift shipments that can weigh up to 100 pounds. This is an entry-level position. Applicants can begin by taking on a part-time job during the day or at night. You typically have to put in more effort, work more day shifts, and accrue more hours when you obtain a promotion.


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Duties of  a FedEx Package Handler


  • Sorting deliveries and ensuring that they reach the proper locations
  • Packing up FedEx ground trucks with packages
  • Always handle packages in a secure manner.
  • Package inspection to ensure that it is possible to track it
  • Collaborating with management to resolve any safety issues
  • Hand-transfer bundles of items from one location to another. From one truck to the next, from one part of the business to another, or from the truck to the end customer.
  • Box up goods by hand and make a record of what was moved and what was packed.
  • Work with those who operate equipment that moves objects and those who maintain records of objects to move and maintain records of objects.
  • Make sure that the products arrive promptly and safely by speaking with your clients and coworkers. Businesses want their deliveries to be punctual and undamaged.
  • Move in physically demanding ways, such as pushing, tugging, leaning over, and lifting objects.
  • They must handle parcels carefully to avoid dropping them or moving too hastily, which could harm them.
  • Slings, ropes, or cables can be fastened to packages, pipes, hoses, or other objects.
  • In order to load, unload, and move objects, use a sit-down forklift.
  • Employ a sit-down forklift to load the appropriate trailers with ground and air cargo.
  • Do post-inspection checks to ensure that guard force members are alert and performing their duties well.
  • They make sure Customers is guided to the FedEx check-out counters and customer care windows.
  • Use conveyors, hoists, and other specialized equipment for handling and moving materials, as well as equipment for loading and unloading.
  • Move supplies, tools, or materials to or from work areas using carts or hoists.
  • You must exercise extreme caution and pay great attention to details and regulations to ensure that HAZMAT packages are delivered without incident.
  • Dangerous materials that are in airplane containers and feeder trucks can be located, handled, and assisted in the processing.
  • At the San Diego airport arrivals, unload FedEx trucks and stack the boxes on a conveyor belt so they may be delivered to various locations.
  • To load and unload supermarket freight, utilize single and double pallet jacks, box clamps, slip machines, and an electric forklift.
  • Create the pallets in accordance with the distribution guidelines.
  • Assemble the packages with your crew, seal them, and load them into the appropriate trucks.
  • To ensure that things are done correctly, read and comprehend labels.
  • Obey all safety regulations.
  • Transport packages up to 75 pounds in weight.
  • Use scanners to record details on packages, such as when they were delivered and their current status.
  • Sort items according to their destination
  • Being able to load with equipment and hand tools.
  • Strive hard to uphold client and corporate objectives.
  • Preparing packages for delivery
  • Packages are scanned and stored safely.
  • Having management address safety issues
  • Sorting packages on equipment that transports the cargo to loading docks.
  • Ensuring that commodities and deliveries get at their destination successfully and safely.
  • Handling the paperwork and goods at a busy facility.
  • They load and unload shipments and bundles in accordance with the instructions given by their superiors.
  • Communicate to your coworkers, bosses, and other team members in a clear way.
  • Both automatic and manual packaging equipment is familiar to them.
  • Moving and storing materials and things.
  • Assisting with truck unloading and collaborating with other personnel.
  • Putting large packages on delivery vehicles or a conveyor belt.


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