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Top 10 Side Jobs For Firefighters

Side Jobs For Firefighters

Top 10 Side Jobs For Firefighters: Do you work two or three days off after working one day on a firefighting schedule? If so, you might discover by the end of the month that your wallet is empty save for metaphorical flies. Having a side business or a second job can help you increase your income.

Top 10 Side Jobs For Firefighters

Below are some of the side jobs for firefighters:


When looking for side jobs for firefighters, Blogging is the first (and, in my opinion, the finest) side job you can start with. There is no reason why you can’t earn additional income on the side like the firefighter who runs this website.

Your blog can be about whatever you’re passionate about and interested in; it doesn’t have to be about fighting fires.

According to recommended blogging guidelines, you should update your blog at least once a week or every other week. Search engine optimization, or SEO, guidelines must be followed if you want to improve your chances of appearing on the top page of Google search results.

Use keywords consistently in your writing, and try to occasionally write content that is lengthier, such as 2,500 or 3,000 words or more.

These pieces do need a lot of time to create, but if they are well received, the time and work will have been worthwhile.

A Real Estate Broker

Another side job for firefighters is a real estate broker. As a real estate agent, you’ll frequently assist people in finding their ideal home or in selling their current residence so they may buy something bigger and better. You might choose to work as an independent real estate agent or as a member of a real estate team. The latter sounds fantastic, especially if you work as a fireman full-time, but it’s not always what it seems.

The available homes must be located, listed, toured, and the sale price negotiated. Be careful while deciding whether to join a team or go independent. When it comes to home tours, even if your customers will ask for specific dates to see a property, the decision as to when to show a property is ultimately up to you (and the owners). You can still perform some showings before or after work, even on days when you’re fighting fires.

You won’t only be showing houses. Once a buyer finds a home they adore, you will assist them throughout the entire purchasing process. Real estate is an excellent choice for you because you don’t necessarily have to meet the client in person to do this.


With your own two hands and a few tools, perhaps you can be of use. If so, you might want to consider pursuing a career in carpentry in addition to firefighting. You will measure out materials for projects, shape and cut the materials, and then assemble as a carpenter. You will also approve any sketches and plans that come your way.

Carpenter work can be a full-time career in and of itself or a side hustle you engage in to maintain a steady income. Only a high school diploma and some formal education obtained through an apprenticeship program are required to become a carpenter. You can then begin working.

Carpenter/Handy man is part of the best side jobs for firefighters you should consider.

Personal Trainer

You must be in excellent physical shape to meet the demands of the job as a firefighter. That implies that you likely spend a lot of time in a gym, whether it be a public facility or even your own home gym.

Why not have a side job as a personal trainer to demonstrate the advantages of fitness to others rather than exercising solely for yourself?You can either look for a personal training position at a gym or go to clients’ homes. Regardless of the path you take, you get to assist your clients in achieving all of their fitness objectives, including weight loss, muscle gain, and self-improvement.

Side Jobs For Firefighters


When you work as a bartender on the side, you can learn the art of serving people beverages. Bartending is a great job if your weekend nights are free due to your firefighting schedule because it allows you to make new friends and be in the center of city or town life all the time.

It’s true that being a bartender is not always simple. There are hundreds of distinct cocktails and drinks, so you’ll need to understand their names and ingredients. To obtain your bartending license, you must then put your knowledge to the test.

Security Officer/Bouncer

Do you have the wherewithal to stop someone from going in a direction they shouldn’t be? It is your duty as a security guard to safeguard data and priceless valuables so they don’t fall into the wrong hands. In a similar vein, many pubs and nightclubs are constantly looking for protection for their establishments.  You might think about making security your nightly job.

Your security work may take you to a variety of locations. Maybe you work as security for a mall, bank, office, or even a place of entertainment and music.

CPR Instructor

You learned how to do certified cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, during your firefighter training. You may have even utilized the talent a few times while working.Why not work part-time as a CPR instructor to keep your CPR abilities in top shape?

As part of your second job, you will be teaching courses of nurses and other medical professionals how to perform excellent CPR.

In most demonstration settings, you’ll most likely use a dummy, though you might also administer CPR on a live individual. When looking for jobs, start at organizations like the American Red Cross, the American Heart Association, or other hospitals as most CPR instructors are members.


You like to play around with your own automobile, so when your friend’s car broke down, you were able to fix it quickly away. You start to consider whether you ought to charge for your knowledge of vehicles. Absolutely! As a hired mechanic, you will identify all kinds of auto problems, from the simpler ones to the more challenging ones.

Delivery Driver

Being a delivery driver is another job that involves driving that you might want to consider. Now, there will be differences in what you deliver.

You might deliver pizzas, hardware, supplies for the medical field, or anything else. You must pick up these products as well as deliver them, so you drive a lot. Few people want to paint their homes or businesses, yet it is a necessary task.

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