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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada


Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

In order to assess whether migrating to Canada for an international career in 2023 is truly worthwhile, you must be informed of the best paying professions in Canada. Mining, transportation, and international trade are Canada’s main three industries. There are plenty of work prospects in the manufacturing, construction, and agricultural sectors, but the majority are in the services industry.

The 10 professions in Canada with the highest salaries are shown below:

1. Surgeon

The healthcare system in Canada is among the greatest in the world. Yet, compared to nations like Austria or Norway, the number of doctors per capita of the population is fewer.

At 2.8 doctors per 1000 residents, Canada came in 24th out of 30 countries, according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). As a result, there are many open physician positions across the nation.

General practitioners and family physicians in Canada are predicted to see the second-highest employment growth rate in the nation, according to Jobs Bank.

You must have finished a medical degree and the accompanying 5-year residency program in order to be eligible for the position. A surgeon typically earns 340,000 CAD in a given year.

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2.  Dentist

A dentist is one of the most renowned and well-paid occupations in Canada. Only 7,000 new job searchers enter the market annually, but there will be around 12,200 new dentist jobs by 2028, according to Jobs Bank of Canada. The gap between supply and demand creates a sizable opportunity for job seekers from outside.

The typical annual pay for this career is 293,000 CDN.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada

3. An engineer in petroleum

Oil well-related projects include planning, designing, developing, and supervising studies for the finding, production, and exploitation of oil and gas reserves. Petroleum engineers also work on these projects.

A bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering or a closely related field of engineering is necessary for this position.

The annual average pay for this occupation in Canada is 208,000 CDN.

4. Doctor of psychiatry

A psychiatrist is responsible for providing mental health therapy. In 2018, 48,500 people were employed in this field. This is anticipated to increase by 32,500 from 2019 to 28.

To work as a psychiatrist in Canada after graduation, candidates must pass a test at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons.

The annual average compensation for this career ranges from 250 to 290,000 CDN.

5. IT supervisor

It is the responsibility of an IT manager to develop IT strategy, look for solutions, and oversee workers. Although the compensation is lower than that of doctors and dentists, it is relatively simpler to become an IT manager in Canada. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, IT, or a related discipline will suffice.

IT managers make between 200 and 203,000 CDN annually.

6. A marketing director

Marketing managers are in charge of maintaining and enhancing the brand image of goods and services. They create promotions and strategies to raise brand awareness. For this position, an MBA, ideally from a Canadian university, is necessary.

A marketing manager makes between $190,000 and $195,00 in CDN annually.

7. Pilot

In Canada, pilots are necessary for commercial flights. They may also be responsible for providing security services or government-owned aviation services. According to Jobs Bank Canada, the number of employment created in this business is equal to the number of new pilots joining the field, indicating a steady work market.

They receive an annual salary of, on average, 195,000 CDN.

8. Attorney

Clients that hire attorneys or lawyers receive legal advice. More than 106,000 people were employed in this field in 2018, according to Jobs Bank Canada. According to thorough study, there will be 46,000 additional roles for judges, attorneys, and Quebec notaries between 2019 and 2028.

An LLB or LLM degree is the prerequisite. The typical annual pay ranges from 190,000 to 192,000 CDN.

9. Sales supervisor

Stores, other retail firms, wholesalers, rental service providers, and telemarketing companies all employ sales managers.

They plan and develop the strategies and procedures for enhancing a business’s or an organization’s revenue.

A business administration Bachelor’s or Master’s degree is required to work as a sales manager.

Sales managers typically earn between 180,000 and 187,000 CDN annually.

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10. A manager of business operations

The manager of business operations oversees contracts, budget issues, and other business-related issues. They work directly for the CEO and are responsible for managing various company operations.

You will require a business management degree and some prior work experience for this position.

The typical annual income for this occupation ranges from 160,000 to 170,000 CDN.
If you’re coming to Canada to pursue a job abroad, the first step is to evaluate your skill set and work history. The next stage is to conduct a study of the Canadian labor market to determine which positions are in demand and what skill sets are needed there.

Your main concern would be which of these positions pays well, would be in demand, and will experience continuing job growth. The key is that they must be moving to Canada for a high-paying position that will make the move worthwhile.

You must first conduct study on the Canadian labor market for this. You can consult the Canadian government’s Job Bank and National Occupation Classification (NOC) list for further information on this.

Classification of National Occupations (NOC)

The NOC is a database of 30,000 job titles that is divided into categories according to the levels and abilities needed. Each occupation has a unique NOC code. You can perform a profession search to find the following details:

  • Tasks and duties
  • required for the job in terms of education and training
  • titles of jobs
  • experience necessary

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