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A Complete Tutorial for Registering and Using MoniePoint USSD Codes

As a Nigerian, you are probably familiar with mobile money services that allow you to send and receive money, pay bills, and recharge your phone using your mobile phone. One of the popular mobile money services in Nigeria is MoniePoint. MoniePoint is an innovative mobile payment service that allows you to perform financial transactions such as fund transfers to other subscribers, airtime recharge, and bill payments via USSD codes on your mobile phone.

To get started using the MoniePoint USSD service, you first need to register by dialing *270# on your phone and following the prompts to create your wallet and fund it. Once registered, you have access to various USSD codes that allow you to perform transactions seamlessly without the need for internet connectivity on your phone.

This tutorial will walk you through how to register for MoniePoint, fund your wallet, and use the available USSD codes to send money to others, recharge your phone, pay bills, and check your balances. By the end, you will be making mobile money transactions with ease using just your phone.

How To Transfer Money From Moniepoint to Bank Account (Other Banks)

If you want to transfer money from MoniePoint to another bank and are looking for the Moniepoint USSD code to transfer then take “How to transfer money from Moniepoint account from GTbank to Moniepoint account” as an example.

There is currently no official USSD code to transfer MoniePoint to another bank, but you can use the MoniePoint app to make the same transfer and avoid POS fees.
but if you are using a MoniePoint POS machine, you may have the option to dial a unique USSD code to complete the payment using your OTP and enter the transaction PIN.

MoniePoint USSD banking is available as a payment option instead of an ATM card on a merchant device.
But if you already have the MoniePoint app, just log in to transfer back to your device without POS fees.

What Is MoniePoint and How Does It Work?

MoniePoint is a mobile financial service that allows you to send and receive money using USSD codes on your phone.


To register, you will need to provide some personal information like your name, date of birth, address, and the phone number you want to register. You will also need to create a 4-digit PIN to authorize transactions.

A Complete Tutorial for Registering and Using MoniePoint USSD Codes

How Transfers Work

When you send money using MoniePoint, the funds are deducted from your account and deposited directly into the recipient’s account. Transfers are instant, so the recipient will receive an SMS notification right away that the funds have been received.

Both the sender and recipient must be registered MoniePoint users for the transfer to go through. There are limits on transfer amounts, which depend on the level of verification provided during registration. Larger amounts may require providing additional ID verification.

MoniePoint aims to provide a fast, affordable, and secure way for people to transfer money using just their mobile phones. By registering for the service and using the USSD codes, you have access to an efficient mobile payment system right at your fingertips.

Step-by-Step Guide to Registering Your MoniePoint USSD Code

To register your MoniePoint USSD code, you will need to follow these steps:

Gather Your Information

To register, you will need your phone number, name, date of birth, residential address, a copy of your government-issued ID, and an email address.

Dial the USSD Code

Dial 888# and select ‘Register’ to begin the registration process. You will be prompted to enter your phone number. Enter your phone number and select ‘OK’ to continue.

Provide Personal Details

You will need to provide information like your full name, date of birth, residential address, a copy of your government-issued ID, and an email address. Be sure all details are accurate.

Account Verification

Your account information will be verified. Once verified, you will receive an SMS containing your MoniePoint USSD PIN. This PIN will be used for all MoniePoint USSD transactions going forward. Your PIN is confidential so keep it secure.


You have successfully registered your MoniePoint USSD code. You can now use the USSD code 3899# and your PIN to conduct transactions like airtime top-up, data bundle purchase, bill payments, and mobile money transfers. Be sure to change your PIN regularly for security purposes. If you have any issues, you may contact MoniePoint Customer Care.

Congratulations, your MoniePoint USSD code is now registered and ready to use! By following the proper steps and providing accurate information, you’ll have access to convenient mobile financial services.

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You now have all the information you need to register and start using MoniePoint USSD codes to easily transfer funds and pay bills. With the simple dialing of a short code, you can move money directly from your phone to friends, family or businesses in a quick, affordable and secure manner 24 hours a day.

MoniePoint provides a convenient solution for managing your money on the go without the need for smartphones or internet access. Take advantage of this innovative mobile money platform and experience the freedom of fast, paperless transactions right from your basic mobile device. The future of finance is at your fingertips.

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