Netherlands Scholarships for International Students

Netherlands Scholarships for International Students: One of the hardest things for foreign students who want to study in the Netherlands may be finding the money to pay for their education. If you come from a developing country, the Netherlands can have pretty high prices for living and going to school.

Luckily, the Dutch government and other groups give foreign students a lot of scholarships and grants. It’s very hard to get these scholarships, but if you do, they can help pay for a lot of your schooling and living costs in the Netherlands. This article talks about some of the best scholarships that international students in the Netherlands can get. There are great ways to get money to help you study in the Netherlands, whether you want to get a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a PhD. Find out below about the requirements, details of the awards, and due dates for the best Dutch scholarships for foreign students.

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Top Netherlands Scholarships for International Students

Netherlands Scholarships for International Students

Many international students choose to study or do research in the Netherlands. One reason for this is the high quality of education and research possibilities. Luckily, there are a number of generous grants that can help you pay for your studies.

1. The Holland Scholarship

It is the Holland Scholarship that gives the most money to foreign students in the Netherlands. It gives scholarships for bachelor’s and master’s degrees at more than 60 colleges and universities in the Netherlands. The amount of the scholarship changes, but it usually helps pay for some of your living expenses and school. The selection process is based on academic performance and desire.

2. The Orange Tulip Scholarship

The Orange Tulip Scholarship Program helps people get master’s degrees at some Dutch universities in fields like gardening, life sciences, and water management. The school wants to bring in smart students from Vietnam, China, Indonesia, Mexico, South Korea, and China. The amounts of scholarships run from €5,000 to €25,000.

The Netherlands Fellowship Program (NFP) gives PhD and postdoc funding in all academic fields to people who want to get degrees that focus on research. In addition to education, fellowships cover living and travel costs. Applicants can be from more than 50 poor countries.

3. The Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarship

Master’s and pre-master’s students at TU Delft from anywhere in the world can apply for the Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarship. For two years, the grant pays up to €42,000 for tuition and living costs. Winners are chosen based on their motivation and great study results.

4. The Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarship

The Erasmus University MBA Scholarship helps pay for some of the costs of school for students from other countries. Awards range in size, but some can cover as much as half of your MBA costs.

There are also scholarships for studying in the Netherlands from a number of private groups. For instance, the Aga Khan Foundation helps students from poor countries get master’s degrees by giving them scholarships. These students must show that they are good leaders and want to help others. To encourage goodwill and understanding between countries, the Rotary Foundation gives grants for both undergraduate and graduate studies.

To sum up, the Netherlands offers funding options for all stages of education and subjects. If you do some study, you can find a scholarship that will help you go to college. Apply early and carefully, because there can be a lot of people who want to do this. But learning in a country with such a good reputation and beautiful scenery is well worth the work.

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There are many scholarships for international students in the Netherlands. Before you apply, read the frequently asked questions to find out if you are eligible and how to apply.

What kinds of scholarships are there for international students?

In the Netherlands, scholarships are available for both first-year and advanced students from other countries. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • The Holland Scholarship is given by Dutch colleges and universities to students pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. It gives €5,000 for the first year of school.
  • Indian students who want to get a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the Netherlands can apply for the Orange Tulip Scholarship Program. The award amount is different for each school.
  • Scholarships for exchange students within the EU are given out by the Erasmus+ program, which also forms partnerships around the world. It gives money every month to students for 3 to 12 months of study.
  • A lot of Dutch colleges and universities give scholarships to students who are really good. The amounts of awards vary, but they may cover all or part of the cost of tuition.

What are the qualifying criteria?

Each scholarship has its own criteria, but generally you must:

  • Meet the minimum GPA requirement, usually a 3.0 or better.
  • Have been accepted to a degree program at a Dutch university.
  • Meet language proficiency levels in English or Dutch.
  • Not receive funds from other Dutch government scholarships.
  • Meet any nationality or place of origin requirements. Some are open only to students from specific world areas or countries.


If you are a foreign student who wants to study in the Netherlands, you now have a good idea of some of the best scholarships you can apply for to help pay for your studies. There are opportunities for students from all walks of life, from larger awards that can at least cover application fees to full-ride grants that pay for all of a student’s costs, including tuition. The most important things are to start your study early, find scholarships that are right for you, and send in your applications on time and in a compelling way.

While the process takes time and work, the chance to go to a top Dutch university for free or at a greatly reduced cost makes it worth it. If you get the right mix of grants and personal loans, going to school in the Netherlands can become more than just a dream. You only need to decide to go after the chances that are out there.

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