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10 High-paying and in-demand jobs in Nigeria

10 high-paying and in-demand jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria has the best economy in all of Africa and is frequently referred to as the “giant of Africa.” With populations of nearly 200 million, one might not question the need for such a feast. When it comes to mineral resources, it is also one of the richest nations.


10 High-paying and in-demand jobs in Nigeria

Nigeria, one of the top 10 oil-producing nations in the world, has highly refined oil with excellent attributes and a reasonable market price.
One would conclude that a nation with such a sizable economy and an abundance of mineral resources is an employment and economic hub where both governmental and private employment can prosper.

Yet that is not the case. In actuality, there are over 30 million unemployed Nigerians due to the country’s extremely high unemployment rate. One might not wait to be informed that it is urgent to organize a brainstorming session and determine what needs to be done, given Mr. President’s recent record of claiming there are no openings for fresh grads.

Despite Nigeria’s high unemployment rate, many in-demand professions are in great demand for both private and public employment. There are several lucrative occupations in Nigeria that give mouthwatering salaries.
The days of being urged to choose an area of study because it was your passion are long gone; in today’s Nigeria, you must have mature ideas and identify a field that pays well and is in demand before entering it.

In the Nigerian labor market, some degrees or any other qualification are essentially meaningless. The compensation is either completely absurd or there aren’t any marketable job openings in the industry to attract graduates from such fields.


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Nigeria’s highest-paying jobs

Nigerian graduates make the mentality that your education is unimportant as one of their first faults. This is untrue because there are some industries that have a dire need for qualified workers with high-paying opportunities. You are covered if you’re seeking for highly sought-after, high-paying jobs in Nigeria. Below are they:

The 10  most lucrative and in-demand jobs in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Health/Medical Careers

The health sector in Nigeria has one of the highest wages. Many forms of health work are very well compensated and have many advantages. Moreover, one of the most sought-after vocations is medicine. In reality, statistics show that medicine is the course that is most frequently used in Nigeria, followed by pharmacy and then other medical specialist.

2. Sales Manager and Business Developer Positions

The Business Developer and Sales Manager Jobs are two other highly sought-after and highest paying jobs in Nigeria. The most rewarding career path is in business since employees have the potential to generate significant revenue.

Depending on your capital, it is either the most common or the simplest job to perform in Nigeria. Both high and low net worth individuals have the opportunity to succeed in the position of Business Development and Sales Manager. Through their mastery of persuasion, they are professionals in increasing sales.

3. Internet Advertising

Social media and technological advancements. The digital marketing industry in Nigeria is one of the fastest methods to find a well-paying career. There are many products that can be promoted and sold via social media and content development.

Given that it requires little to no formal training to get started and that turn-around times are quick and flexible, the digital marketing industry is perhaps one of the largest sources of income for many Nigerians.

4. Petroleum engineers

Petroleum engineers are experts who create, investigate, and draw conclusions about procedures for petroleum exploration.

Petroleum engineers are among the most highly valued workers in Nigeria, a nation with abundant crude oil and petroleum resources, as a result of petroleum products’ prominence as the country’s top export and significant economic contribution.
Employees in this sector are well compensated with a respectable salary. Each month, they can make up to 2 million naira. Yet, beginners are paid much less.

5. Recreation/Entertainment

Remember that Nigeria has the largest entertainment sector in all of Africa, and selecting a career in it is a gateway to enormous fortune. Some of the wealthiest persons in the nation, entertainers have enormous net worths. Singers, dancers, actors, and actresses from Nigeria are among the wealthiest members of society.

6. Politics

In Nigeria, politicians typically have the greatest incomes. Nigerian politicians receive a substantial sum of money at all levels. Their pay varies according to position. Up to $20 million can be earned by politicians each month. A Nigerian senator actually makes no less than 36 million Naira per month when allowances are taken into account.

7.  Communication Jobs

The personnel in the communication industry in Nigeria are among the highest paid. In an organization with communication activities, they are in charge of creating plans for communication, organizing events, and creating materials. Nigerians who work in communications might make millions of Naira per month.

8. Legal Positions

In Nigeria The law or legal sector has many open positions. After completing their studies, Nigerian law graduates will have more than enough job options. In Nigeria, practicing law is a noble profession with good remuneration.

You may expect to make a good living in Nigeria as a lawyer or other legal professional. Despite the fact that the wages depend on your level and the company you work for.

9. positions in financial accounting

Financial accountants are professionals with in-depth understanding of accounting concepts, strong analytical abilities, and the capabilities necessary to carry out financial tasks when called upon.

In Nigeria, one of the most lucrative industries is accounting. Financial accountants have several employment prospects in both the public and commercial sectors.

10.  Business Executives

One of the professions that pays well in Nigeria is business management. Jobs for business managers are in high demand in Nigeria because there are so many enterprises there. In any company organization, they are in charge of all administrative tasks like hiring staff, developing and putting into effect policies, and other such tasks.

The monthly salary of a company manager in Nigeria ranges from 200,000 to 700,000 NGN. Some people may make far more money than others.


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