Federal Polytechnic Ukana Courses and Admission Requirements

Federal Polytechnic Ukana Courses and Admission Requirements

About the Polytechnic

Akwa Ibom State is home to the Government-run Federal Polytechnic, Ukana. The polytechnic provides a wide range of courses, from management and engineering to medicine and pharmacy. These classes are offered for both full-time and part-time academic programs. The school accepts pupils from all backgrounds, including those that are religious or cultural. Also, the tuition is fairly reasonable.

The Federal Government of Nigeria founded the Federal Polytechnic in Ukana. Responsibility and openness, personal and group integrity, excellence and industry, and concern for all are the four guiding principles of the polytechnic.
“To strengthen and promote the finest practices in skills and technological advances targeted at producing worldwide icons for the world economy,” is the Federal Polytechnic, Ukana’s mission statement.

The federal government of Nigeria administers the Federal Polytechnic Ukana, which is situated in the south-central Nigerian state of Akwa Ibom.

Federal Polytechnic Ukana

The National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Nigeria, has officially authorized and/or recognized Federal Polytechnic Ukana in Akwa Ibom State.

Philosophy and History

On Monday, June 9, 2014, the Federal Government of Nigeria approved the establishment of the Federal Polytechnic, Ukana in Akwa Ibom State in accordance with the Act to build Polytechnics in various regions of the nation. On the same day, President Dr. Goodluck Jonathan also named the Pioneer management team. The four members of the management team are as follows:

  • Rector
  • Registrar
  • Librarian
  • Bursar

During the academic year 2014–2015, the Institution was given the green light to start Academic operations in September 2014. The government of Akwa Ibom State, led by Governor Chief (Dr) Godswill Obot Akpabio, has given the aforementioned development its entire support (CON).

The State Government set up the take-off equipment right away to help the Institution. One of these was the agreement to use the recently finished Vocational/Technical Training Centre in Ukana, Essien Udim as the take-off (temporary) site. To coordinate the early-stage operations for a quick and seamless takeoff, an inter-ministerial working committee for the Polytechnic was also established.

Their  philosophy is reflected in the courses we offer in technology, applied science, environmental studies, business, management, and other fields of study. These courses are designed to produce sub-professionals who can perform to developmentally acceptable standards and adopt the necessary problem-solving methods for society.

Courses available at Federal Polytechnic Ukana

The Federal Polytechnic Ukana has provided a list of its ND and HND courses in good faith. Undoubtedly, these aren’t all the courses. Rest assured, nevertheless, that Nigeria Universities Commission has certified each and every course listed here. Any course that has not received NUC accreditation is not included here, and sane students should avoid taking such courses.

Regrettably, a lot of students end up taking those courses and either won’t graduate or claim that their grades weren’t recorded. Please let us know in the comments section below if you believe that this list of courses offered by Federal Polytechnic Ukana is wrong or incomplete. Your comment will be taken into account for additional study and, if required, an update.

The Federal Polytechnic in Ukana has distinct tuition costs for each ND and HND course, and these costs can change depending on the level. School expenses at Federal Polytechnic Ukana occasionally fluctuate, and students frequently learn about these changes only when it comes time to pay the fees.

Courses available at Federal Polytechnic Ukana

  • Accountancy
  • Construction Technology
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Engineering Technology in Civil
  • Computing Science
  • Technology in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Estate Administration and Appraisal
  • Technology in Mechanical Engineering
  • Quantitative research, science, technology, and statistics
  • Geo informatics and surveying
  • Management and Technology
  • Regional and Urban Planning

Paperwork  needed for Federal Polytechnic Ukana’s Admissions screening

Even if you selected the top degree from the list of accredited options offered at Federal Polytechnic Ukana and scored exceptionally well on the JAMB, “screening” will still exist. Federal Polytechnic Ukana requires applicants to successfully complete entrance screening, during which they must provide a number of supporting documents for verification.

You won’t be given a matriculation number if screening isn’t done. You are not a Federal Polytechnic Ukana student without a matriculation number.
These are the main documents that Federal Polytechnic Ukana needs in order to screen applicants.

There may be more, but these are the ones that are required, like:

  • O level or A level certificates.
  • Birth certificate
  • School Transcript
  • References
  • Certificate from the local government
  • Acceptance letter
  • Form of personal data

Requirements for ND Candidates

The following conditions must be fully satisfied in order to enroll in  Ukana Polytechnic:

  • The minimum UTME/JAMB cut-off mark for prospective applicants is 150.
  • A minimum of five O Level Credit Passes in the WASC, SSCE, NECO, and GCE must be obtained in no more than two sittings for candidates.
  • To be eligible for admission, he or she must have earned at least required credit in both English language and mathematics on the SSCE.

Requirements  for HND Candidates

The following fundamental conditions must be satisfied in order for an applicant to be given consideration for admission to the school and to enroll in any HND-level Federal Polytechnic Ukana Courses:

In addition to the prerequisites for the National Diploma

  • A potential applicant for a Higher National Diploma must have at least a lower credit (CGPA) of 2 in a comparable ND program’s National Diploma.
  • Candidates with a passing grade and a minimum of two years of post-qualification work experience in the relevant field may be considered for admission in exceptional circumstances.
  • A minimum of twelve (12) months of supervised industrial experience is required, as is the possession of five (5%) credit passes in the pertinent O-Level courses in no more than two sittings.
  • Admission to all HND programs at the college requires a transcript, especially for potential students from other institutions.


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