10 Essential Steps to Get Admitted to UNILAG

Getting admitted to the University of Lagos (UNILAG) is a significant achievement for many Nigerian students. UNILAG is one of the top universities in Nigeria, known for its academic excellence, vibrant campus life, and notable alumni. If you are aspiring to be a part of this prestigious institution, there are specific steps and preparations you need to undertake.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the 10 essential steps to get admitted to UNILAG.

1. Choose the Right Course

Selecting the right course is the first crucial step in your admission journey. Ensure that you have a genuine interest in the course you choose and that it aligns with your career aspirations. Research the available courses at UNILAG and their requirements. Popular courses at UNILAG include Medicine, Law, Engineering, Business Administration, and Computer Science.

Choosing a course that aligns with your strengths and interests not only increases your chances of excelling academically but also ensures long-term satisfaction and success in your chosen field. Take advantage of career counseling services and consult with professionals in your desired industry to make an informed decision.

10 Essential Steps to Get Admitted to UNILAG

2. Meet the Minimum Requirements

Each course at UNILAG has specific minimum entry requirements. These generally include a certain number of credit passes in relevant subjects at the O’level (WAEC, NECO, or equivalent). Ensure that you meet these requirements. For instance, if you are applying for Engineering, you will need credit passes in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

In addition to meeting the basic entry requirements, consider striving for excellence in all your subjects. High grades can give you an edge over other applicants, particularly in competitive courses. It’s also important to be aware of any additional requirements, such as practical experience or portfolios for certain courses.v

3. Prepare for and Pass the JAMB Examination

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination is a mandatory requirement for admission into Nigerian universities. Register for the JAMB exam and select UNILAG as your first choice. Prepare thoroughly by studying past questions, using JAMB-approved textbooks, and possibly attending a tutorial center. Aim for a high score to increase your chances, as competitive courses require higher scores.

The JAMB examination is a critical component of your admission process. Dedicate ample time to study, focusing on areas where you may need improvement. Utilize available resources, such as online practice tests, study groups, and educational apps. Consistent practice and revision will help you build confidence and improve your performance.

4. Score High in the UNILAG Post-UTME

After passing the JAMB examination, you will need to sit for the UNILAG Post-UTME screening. This is another critical step, as your performance in this exam greatly influences your admission chances. The Post-UTME typically covers subjects relevant to your chosen course. Practice past Post-UTME questions, and consider joining study groups to prepare effectively.

The UNILAG Post-UTME exam is designed to assess your readiness for university-level education. To excel, familiarize yourself with the exam format and time management strategies. Attending a reputable coaching center can provide additional support and resources to help you achieve a high score.

5. Ensure All Required Documents are Ready

Having all your documents in order is crucial for the admission process. These documents include your JAMB result slip, O’level results, birth certificate, and secondary school testimonial. Ensure that these documents are readily available and up-to-date. Missing or incorrect documents can delay or jeopardize your admission.

Organizing your documents in advance helps avoid last-minute stress. Create a checklist of required documents and ensure that each one is complete and accurate. Keep multiple copies of each document and store them in a safe place. It’s also advisable to have digital copies for easy access and submission when needed.

6. Apply for the Right Admission Form

UNILAG usually releases an admission form for the Post-UTME screening. Make sure to fill out the form correctly and submit it within the stipulated timeframe. Pay attention to the details required, and double-check for any errors before submission. This form is critical for your admission process, and any mistake can affect your chances.

When filling out the admission form, provide accurate and truthful information. Any discrepancies or errors can lead to disqualification. If you have any doubts or questions, seek clarification from the university’s admission office or trusted educational consultants. Timely submission of the form is essential to avoid missing out on important deadlines.

7. Prepare for the Screening and Interview (if applicable)

Some courses at UNILAG may require additional screening or interviews. For instance, courses like Law or Medicine might involve oral interviews or practical tests. Prepare adequately for these by researching common interview questions, practicing your responses, and familiarizing yourself with the practical aspects of your chosen course.

Interviews and additional screenings are designed to assess your suitability for the course and your ability to handle the rigors of university education. Practice speaking confidently about your interests, achievements, and goals. Mock interviews with friends or mentors can help you refine your responses and reduce anxiety.

8. Stay Updated with Admission News

10 Essential Steps to Get Admitted to UNILAG

Admission processes can sometimes change, and staying updated with the latest information is crucial. Regularly check the UNILAG official website, reputable educational blogs, and forums for updates on admission processes, deadlines, and other relevant information. Joining social media groups or forums for UNILAG aspirants can also provide valuable insights and updates.

Being proactive about gathering information helps you stay ahead of deadlines and requirements. Subscribe to newsletters and alerts from reliable educational websites. Engage with fellow aspirants and current students to exchange information and support each other through the admission process.

9. Network with Current Students and Alumni

Networking with current students and alumni can provide you with inside information and tips on gaining admission. They can offer guidance on what to expect in the Post-UTME, interview tips, and insights into campus life. Attend UNILAG-related events, seminars, or webinars to connect with these individuals.

Building connections with individuals who have successfully navigated the admission process can provide invaluable support and mentorship. Attend open days, career fairs, and alumni events to expand your network. These connections can also provide opportunities for internships, research projects, and other academic endeavors once you are admitted.

10. Have a Plan B

While aiming for UNILAG, it’s wise to have a backup plan. Apply to other reputable universities in case things do not go as planned. This ensures that you do not waste an academic year if you don’t gain admission to UNILAG. Consider universities with similar standards and courses that align with your career goals.

Having a contingency plan provides peace of mind and reduces the pressure of the admission process. Research other universities that offer quality education and meet your criteria. Apply to multiple institutions to increase your chances of securing admission and starting your academic journey without delay.


Gaining admission to UNILAG requires determination, preparation, and strategic planning. By following these ten essential steps, you can significantly increase your chances of becoming a student at one of Nigeria’s most prestigious universities. Remember to stay focused, work hard, and stay positive throughout the process. Good luck on your journey to becoming a UNILAG student!

Achieving your goal of being admitted to UNILAG is a testament to your dedication and hard work. Embrace the challenges and opportunities that come your way during this process. With persistence and a positive attitude, you can navigate the complexities of the admission process and secure your place at UNILAG. Keep your eyes on the prize, and don’t hesitate to seek help and advice when needed. Your dream of becoming a UNILAG student is within reach – go for it!

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