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10 Top Selling IT Skills In 2023

Computer-based technical abilities, or IT skills, are utilized to operate and manipulate technology. These abilities are necessary for jobs in small to large businesses in a range of industries. Today’s industries rely on information technology for planning, reporting, operations, and customer service.

All IT talents are currently among the most in-demand and lucrative in the world, but some are even more so than others. The 10 IT talents that is in high demand in 2023 are discussed in this article.

10 Top Selling IT Skills In 2023

Below are top 10 selling IT skills in 2023:

1. Programming:

Programming entails writing, revising, and troubleshooting codes for computer software, mobile apps, and websites.

Although programming is more of a general skill for all technologists, software engineers and website developers are among the occupations that demand programming expertise the most.

Writing computer programs in several languages, including HTML, CSS, C++, Python, PHP, etc, is a must for this talent.

2. Mobile Development

Mobile development is the process of creating mobile applications for organizations and corporations. Aspiring entrepreneurs can consider a profession in mobile development technology since it offers the benefit that if you can build for others, you can also make and sell your own products.

You might opt to specialize in iOS development for Apple devices or Android app development for Android devices based on current technology.

3. Web development

Unlike mobile development, which focuses on creating mobile apps, web development is focused with creating websites and web applications. On its own, it covers a large area.

Typically, you have three options for developers: front-end, back-end, or complete stack, which includes the first two. Programming languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, PHP, Bootstrap, and others must be known to a web developer.

Top Selling IT Skills

4. SEO/SEM Marketing

While SEM (search engine marketing) aims to increase traffic and visibility from both organic and paid searches, SEO (search engine optimization) is solely focused on optimizing a website to gain visitors from organic results.

However, despite being two sides of the same coin, SEO and SEM involve very diverse activities and pertain to various facets of marketing. Because SEO/SEM is a specialized area of web development, having a working understanding of web development is necessary to be a good SEO/SEM marketing specialist.

5. Data Visualization

Data visualization’s major objective is to make it simpler to spot patterns, trends, and outliers in huge data sets. Data visualization is crucial for all professions.

Teachers can use it to present their pupils’ test results, and it also aids businesses in building up enormous data sets. Big data projects also heavily rely on data visualization.

6. Data Engineering

Data engineers create systems that gather, handle, and transform raw data into useable information so that data scientists and business analysts can interpret it. This may or may not be significantly different from data visualization.

7. UI/UX Design

UI/UX design is still a part of online and mobile development. The UX (user experience) specialists conduct extensive research and testing to take into account how the user will interact with each component of the web/mobile app, whereas the Ul (user interface) specialists design interfaces for websites and apps to be visually appealing, flow well, and be easy for users to navigate.

8. Cybersecurity

Establishing and maintaining secure networks, performing risk analyses, identifying and eliminating threats, and putting cybersecurity solutions like multi-factor authentication, encryption techniques, and secure protocols into place are all part of the cybersecurity skill.

Business owners desperately need this talent to keep their clients, employees, and data secure.

9. Computer Networking

Computer networking entails setting up and maintaining network operating systems to enable effective communication between electronic devices.

One of the most popular IT skills in the twenty-first century, this one enables users to freely, consistently, and securely communicate information across the network.

10. Video Editing

Thanks to technology, we are now passed the time when videos were solely utilized for TV and other forms of media production.

Videos are currently used by businesses for a variety of purposes, such as marketing, employee training, customer onboarding, and presentations. According to statistics, 86% of companies employed video marketing to promote their goods and services in 2021 alone.

Due to the rising applicability of films across a wide range of businesses, more expertise in writing scripts, creating video scenarios, and using specific video editing software is also required.

How To Start and Develop Your IT Skills

The best time to start is right now if you have a passion for technology or intend to base your career on any IT skill set. The hints listed below can aid in your beginning.

  • Enroll in an IT course: To get started in the IT industry, select the IT discipline you want to explore and enroll in the relevant courses and training programs. Through formal instruction and mentorships, you can achieve this.
  • Use online training resources: Without enrolling in a formal training program, internet resources and tutorials are one of the finest methods to get started and advance your IT skills. Comparatively speaking, conventional training is highly expensive. The majority of online training is also free.
  • Consult with experts: this is a crucial step if you want to succeed in the tech industry. As a novice, seek counsel from an experienced person; they may provide you with some pointers on how to succeed in the tech industry. However, the majority of IT specialists charge a fee.
  • Participate completely in workplace initiatives: Most employers want their staff to gain new IT-related skills, so they organize training sessions or workshops to assist them in expanding their knowledge and strengthening their skills.
  • Practice your talents: Spend valuable time honing your IT skills. This will make you more productive. Another strategy to advance your expertise and best master it is to volunteer for responsibilities in the workplace.


One of the finest ways to earn a lot of money today is to have IT abilities. But in order to become a guru, you must possess the correct talent and market it to the appropriate target market.


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