WAEC Registration 2024: How to Register for WASSCE 2024 Exams

Are you one of the students who are enrolling in their final year of secondary school and are interested in taking part in the WAEC Registration 2024? You have arrived at the correct place because we will supply you with the WAEC instructions as well as all of the exam-related materials that you want.

In order to provide students, parents, and members of the general public with information regarding the registration process for the West African Senior School Certificate Examination, this article has been written.

WAEC Registration
_______ WAEC Registration

How to Register for WAEC Examination 2024

The steps below are what you need to do to sign up for the 2024 WASSCE exam:

  • Enter the WAEC Registration site: To get to the official WAEC registration site, pay the fees and get an access PIN. The portal can be found at candidate has to add their personal information before they can start the WAEC registration process. Besides that, they should use biometric data capture tools to save their fingerprints. While you use the program, make sure that your names are written down.
  • Fill out the bio information: In this part, you need to enter information about your profile. You should list your date of birth, country, state of origin, gender, marital status, whether you are single or married, and any disabilities you may have.
  • Take a picture with your webcam: Taking a picture is an important part of registering for WAEC. If the picture capture isn’t finished, you haven’t signed up for the test yet. If students want to take pictures online, they have to use a webcam that meets the WIEC standards. You need to be very careful when taking the pictures because they will be on your student ID and award.
  • Provide Your Contact Information: You need to put all of your important information here. This has your email address, phone number, state, city, and home city, as well as your mailing address, residential address, and state. These applicants’ contact information is very important so that officials can get in touch with them if there are any problems with the test or their registration.
  • Choose the town where you want to take the exam: Pick the city and state where you want to take the test in this step. The system will choose the exact centre because all approved centres are listed on the WAEC registration page. It is also important to know that the examination place choice can only be made once.
  • Pick out your subjects: At this point, you have to choose which topics you want to take the exam for. The required math and English language tests will be chosen for you immediately. There can be no more than nine subjects picked, but at least seven must be chosen.
  • Send in your Registration: Once you’re done with the registration process, you need to hit the “Accept” button to send in your application. You can also click the EDIT button in the program to fix your mistake. You can click the “SUBMIT” button to send your registration form if it is ready.
    Print your Picture Card: This is where the system will put you in a centre and give you a test number. After that, print out the photo ID and the notice of entry. Keep in mind that you need to show this paper before you can go into the exam room.
  • Complete the Registration: Within two weeks of using the website, each candidate must finish the register process. Applicants should make sure that their names, pictures, birth dates, subjects, country, and passports are correct.

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WAEC Registration Starting Date 2024

When does registration for the 2024 WAEC start?

We want to let you know that the West African Examination Council has set February 2, 2024, as the official start date for applying for the WAEC this year.

From February to April 2024, you can register for WAEC 2024 offline. On the other hand, the WAEC Online will begin on February 2 and end on March 20.

WAEC Registration Closing Date 2024

The WAEC has set the following dates for the end of online and paper registration for the 2024 exam. The last day to register for WAEC online will be April 2024, and the last day to register in person will be March 20, 2024.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has told all schools that the date for registering for the 2024 WAEC will not be pushed back.

It won’t be possible for students to sign up late. Also, the limit for registration will not be pushed back like it was last year.

WAEC 2024 Examination Starting Date

When does the WAEC test for this year start? The West African Examination Council says that the main test period for people who want to go to school will start on May 9 and end on June 28, 2025.


Only once a year, usually in May or June, does the WAEC test happen. Most of the time, registration begins three to four months before the tests begin. This article talked about how to sign up for the WAEC test in 2023. So that they can sign up for the test, candidates should pay a N18,000 registration fee at any WAEC Registration centre or any school they choose.


How do I register for WAEC 2024?

You register for WAEC through your school. WAEC does not accept direct registrations from private candidates. Talk to your school principal or exam officer about registering your whole class or as an individual. They will guide you through the process and collect your registration fees.

What do I need to register?

To register, you will need:

  • A photocopy of your birth certificate as proof of age. You must be between 15 to 20 years old to register for WAEC.
  • A photocopy of your continuous assessment report for the past 2 years. Your school will provide this.
  • Payment for the registration fees. The fees can be paid directly to your school or via bank draft in the name of your school.
  • A list of subjects you wish to enter. Discuss your subject choices with your teachers to ensure you are well prepared. You can enter a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 9 subjects.
  • Your school’s registration number, school code and exam center number. Your school will provide these details which are required to complete the registration form.
  • Completed WAEC registration forms. Your school will provide the necessary forms to fill out and submit for registration. Be sure to fill them out completely and accurately.
  • Passport photographs. You will need a minimum of 6 colored passport photos with a blue background for your registration.

Can I register as a private candidate?

Unfortunately, WAEC does not allow private candidates to register directly. You must register through a secondary school that offers the WAEC program. If you have already left school, you will need to find a school willing to register you as a “former student” or external candidate and pay any additional fees they require. The requirements and process for private or external candidates are otherwise the same.

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