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5 Walmart Jobs: Best and Worse

5 Walmart Jobs: Best and Worse

Walmart, the biggest private employer in the US, is notorious for being a bad place to work and is frequently singled out by activists for its low pay and unfair hiring procedures. Despite the validity of some of these assertions (for instance, according to Glassdoor compensation data, sales associates typically make just $9 per hour), many Walmart employees express high levels of job satisfaction and high income.

5 Walmart Jobs: Best and Worse

Walmart, the biggest private employer in the US, is notorious for being a bad place to work and is frequently singled out by activists for its low pay and unfair hiring procedures. Despite the validity of some of these assertions (for instance, according to Glassdoor compensation data, sales associates typically make just $9 per hour), many Walmart employees express high levels of job satisfaction and high income.


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Here are the five best and five worst occupations at Walmart in case you’re considering a career there or curious how your job stacks up.

Top Best Walmart Jobs

Despite Walmart’s reputation as a hard and low-paying company, there are some positions that pay extremely well and have high employee satisfaction, especially if you are in management. Below are Walmart’s top five positions:

1. Retail Manager

According to resume expert and Thrive! founder Joni Holderman, store manager is one of the best positions at Walmart. Resumes. Few people are aware that Walmart store managers can make between $150k and $250k + per year in pay and bonuses, she added, provided that their shop meets all of its performance goals.

The company has a “fantastic salary package,” according to a former Walmart store manager who worked there for more than eight years, and it gives you “a chance to interact with a diverse set of workers and consumers.”

Although this work has a high rate of employee satisfaction and excellent pay, there are some stressors. Store managers are in charge of overseeing every employee, achieving financial targets, upholding rules (yes, that includes disciplining individuals), assigning tasks, monitoring inventory, evaluating sales data, processing payroll, and organizing the transportation of goods. Although it’s a hefty work, it can also pay quite well.

2. A Manager Assistant

According to Glassdoor compensation data, Walmart assistant managers make an average of $45,000 per year, which is exactly in line with the national average. If bonuses and other forms of remuneration are taken into account, the average yearly salary rises to $48,311.

A minimum of two years of college experience, or one year of retail and one year of management, is required for assistant managers. Meeting financial and sales targets for the business, maintaining compliance with policies, managing and supervising employees, and enforcing customer service standards are all part of the job description.
Although this may seem like a lot of responsibility for an assistant position, it’s a great chance to advance your career. Walmart is a “wonderful location to acquire a skill and expand your résumé, or grow with the company,” according to a former assistant manager from Amarillo, Texas, who posted a review on Glassdoor.

3. Shift Supervisor

According to Glassdoor, Walmart shift managers receive an average base pay of just over $65,000, which is 8% more than the national average. After taking into account the $18,000 cash bonus, $3,200 stock bonus, and other financial incentives, the total pay rises to about $78,000.

The “compensation for management is outstanding,” according to a current shift manager in Las Vegas, and Walmart is a “wonderful company for beginners” since they “work with your schedule” and “teach you the basics,” according to a former shift manager in Big Spring, Texas.

Shift managers have expressed frustration on Glassdoor about the demanding workload, lengthy workdays, and challenging work-life balance that come with the job, yet this profession topped the list due to the excellent growth potential for those without a degree. The compensation is also well above average.

4. Pharmacy Supervisor

According to Glassdoor data, the typical pharmacy manager at Walmart earns roughly $139,000 per year, which is 4% more than the national average. Pharmacy managers make closer to $160,000 annually when bonuses, such as an average yearly cash bonus of $23,800, are taken into account.

In Walmart pharmacies and over-the-counter sections, pharmacy managers are in charge of boosting sales and profits. They must oversee and carry out community outreach initiatives, model and enforce the company’s customer service policies, and protect the confidentiality of assigned records and client information. Walmart pharmacy managers must either a PharmD or a Bachelor of Science in pharmacy and maintain a valid pharmacy license, thus this position is not just open to anyone off the street.

5. Order Filler

According to Glassdoor, order fillers at Walmart make an average salary of $38,000 per year. A $2,600 average cash bonus, $1,200 in stock bonuses, $1,100 in profit-sharing, and $220 in commission-sharing make up the additional annual pay. Order fillers are also eligible for overtime pay, which can increase pay to well over $35 per hour.

Order fillers are in charge of loading goods onto the company’s delivery trucks and maintaining the warehouse’s organization out of Walmart distribution centers. This may entail working after hours and using equipment in a busy setting.

Walmart’s worst Jobs

These five Walmart positions made the list of the worst employment because they had the biggest wage disparities with management, the most stress, and the fewest opportunities for promotion. See which Walmart positions are the worst by clicking through.

1. Cashier

Walmart cashiers are in charge of scanning, bagging, and loading products at the register. The average Walmart cashier hourly wage is $9, which is “barely enough to live past that” according to one former employee on Glassdoor. Hourly wages at Walmart range from $7 to $17.

According to reviews on Glassdoor, workers also complain that the job is stressful, physically demanding, and that hours are reduced during quiet seasons. The “Item Per Hour” and “Scanning” % goals are also requirements for cashiers, which can add to the workload and stress of the position.

2. Specialist in Inventory Control

At Walmart, inventory control specialists spend the most of their time in the store’s back room and are in charge of overseeing all incoming and outgoing inventory as well as moving goods to the sales floor with the aid of forklifts or pallet jacks. The usual Walmart inventory control specialist hourly rate is $10, which is 100% less than the national average, according to 92 salary reports from Walmart employees on Glassdoor. The remuneration only rises to $20,396 annually when bonuses and other benefits are taken into account.

According to Career Bliss, inventory control professionals are 37% less content at work than other Walmart employees. According to Glassdoor evaluations, employees in this position claim that the work-life balance is “severely skewed,” that there is a lack of staff and that they are overworked. Because they didn’t have enough people that night, they kept the team “stocking past 1 am,” according to a former employee who posted on Glassdoor.

3. Greeters

Greeters at Walmart assist consumers with obtaining shopping carts, giving directions to the store, and performing other customer service tasks in addition to greeting guests at the entry. That might seem simple, but it’s important to remember that greeters are also in charge of spotting potential shoplifters or security risks, as well as cleaning the floors and restrooms.

When you consider that greeters actually work as security guards, Holderman claimed that this position at Walmart might be among the worst. Research reveal that retail establishments where consumers are met at the door have less shrinkage, or theft.

The pay for Walmart greeters is the lowest on this list, ranging from approximately $7 to $11 per hour, in addition to the hazardous workplace and demanding job duties. Moreover, a current employee claimed on Glassdoor that raises only amount to 40 to 50 cents per year and that there is “no possibility for progression if you can’t stand on your feet for a complete 8-hour job.”

4. Sales Representative

Glassdoor reported that Walmart’s current sales workers only make $9.31 an hour based on more than 1,100 employee reviews. The average wage is $9 per hour, or $18,750 per year, which is exactly one hundred percent less than the national average. Along with poor pay, sales staff must perform unpleasant tasks such as cleaning the entire store, maintaining machines and other equipment, retrieving abandoned carts, bagging customer purchases, and replenishing items, to name just a few.

At Elkton, Maryland, a current sales associate claimed on Glassdoor that although the workplace is “pleasant,” the chances of advancement are “limited.” In Clinton Township, Michigan, a different salesperson did not enjoy “dealing with nasty clients and rude people.” This position is among the worst on the list due to the poor compensation, lack of possibilities for growth, and disagreeable job duties.

5. Manager of Customer Service

The only management position on Walmart’s list of the worst occupations is this one. Walmart’s customer service managers are expected to carry out a wide range of responsibilities in addition to earning only $22,470 year, a far cry from the national average of $51,600 for the same post in other places.

According to the job description, a customer service manager spends a lot of time ensuring right procedures in the store. This entails preparing cash registers, getting change for the cashiers, and checking the registers for shortages. Along with managing client issues and complaints, they also need to train staff.

Customer service managers who left reviews on Glassdoor claimed they were overworked, understaffed, and underpaid. “Hours are reduced to the bone regularly and the store is chronically under-staffed, even during holidays and high sales hours,” a current customer service manager in Port Orange, Florida, stated.


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