Complete List of A-Level Schools in Nigeria

A-Level Schools are schools that offer quality education that is of international standards.

There are so many A-level schools in Nigeria, but in line with this article, we will focus on the ones that are in Lagos state.

A-Level schools often use special curriculums and have a system of teaching that is of international standards. However, getting into such schools tends to be competitive.

Just in case you want to study in an A-level school especially one in Lagos; this is the right article for you. See below for the list of A-level schools in Lagos.

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Complete List of A-Level Schools in Nigeria (Lagos)


If you are interested in studying in an A-Level school that is in Lagos, be sure to read below to see the list of A-Level Schools in Lagos.

Lagos State is a home to many A-level schools in Nigeria, and they all give students an international style of education using a very unique curriculum and system of study.

  1. Alberta Academy
  2. Westerfield College
  3. Oxbridge Tutorial College
  4. Loral International Schools
  5. Brainfield Academy
  6. Westminster College Lagos
  7. Bridge House College
  8. Sunrise Academy
  9. S-TEE Schools
  10. Brownsville College Ikoyi
  11. D-Ivy College
  12. Brain Builders Academy
  13. Landmark College
  14. Cambridge college
  15. Buckswood School of Nigeria
  16. British Council Schools Network
  17. Ascending College
  18. Sunrise Academy
  19. Debiruss School

There’s a quick preview of theA-Level Schools in Lagos. It may intrigue you to know that the fees differ according to each school and the course you aim to study. More so, you’ll enjoy quality education of international excellence and norms.

Also, the fees to be paid differ and depend on the schools and faculty you intend to enrol in. nevertheless, on a general note, admission process costs are pegged between N350, 000 to N600, 000.

This sum covers the application fee, test fee, hotel figure, and other varied fees.

Additionally, some A-level schools allow you to pay these fees in parts that are if you can not pay in full at onetime.

More so, you must meet the necessities that will qualify you to gain entry into this academy.

Most of the A-level schools bear that students registering for A-level examinations must be 16 years old minimum.

Moreover, students need to score a minimum of 6 O- level credits, involving English and Mathematics.

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Apart from all that, See below for a bonus on 5 of the Best A-Level schools in Nigeria.

  • Westminster CollegeĀ 

Westminister College is a renowned international secondary school that is established and equipped with a lot of day and boarding facilities for its students.

The school is also filled with qualified and experienced teachers that provide comprehensive education in a serene and beautiful atmosphere.

More so, learning is done in such an enjoyable ways that students enjoy and also effectively monitor their academic performance.

  • British Council Schools Network

he British Council has always been at the forefront of A-level schools that are in Lagos. British Council Schools Network is a group of schools affiliated with the British Council.

These schools make use of the UK curriculum at the O level, IGCSE, and also A level.

The British Council has been very pivotal in the educational sector by reaching out to partner and educators with them to prepare students for advanced level education.

  • Oxbridge Tutorial College

Oxbridge Tutorial College is well equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including multimedia facilities, libraries, science laboratories, computer facilities, as well as boarding facilities for both genders.

The college prepares students for the Cambridge International Exams which is conducted by the British Council.

  • D-Ivy College

D-Ivy College prepares students for internationally recognised exams such as IGCSE, TOEFL, SAT, GMAT, and GRE.

The school is a private co-educational institution with an aim to provide well-rounded quality education of the same standard as schools that are abroad.

Also, D-Ivy College operates a secondary school that prepares students for the WAEC and NECO examinations, and also it runs the A-level program.

  • Loral International Schools

Loral International Schools is operated in 5 sections which are the Nursery and Primary Schools Day, the Secondary School (Day), the Nursery and Primary Schools (Day and Boarding), the Secondary School, Boarding, and the Cambridge A-Level College (Boarding).

The school is not left out among the best A-level Schools that are in Lagos State.

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