20 Best Medical Universities in Nigeria 2023

Best Medical Universities in Nigeria 2023

Medicine has always been a really important part of a our life. It is also very important especially in Nigeria.

Right now in Nigeria, many people wish to study Medicine as a course.

The availability of Doctors and Nurses depends on the type of University that produces them. So do you want to know the top Medical Universities in Nigeria.

There are so many Universities in Nigeria that offer Medical courses but there are few of them that are actually exceptional.

All these Universities in Nigeria have embraced these Medical opportunities and turned it into something that’s really beneficial for the country.

This does not mean at all that other Universities are not doing their job, but the Universities that have been picked out as the best Medical Universities In Nigeria, take

medicine course as a top priority and also students who offer Medical courses as a top priority.

Everyone knows that the Nigeria is a fast developing country that focuses on its Medical care a lot, though some people still think that Nigeria is a country where people are not really Medically

attended to but, the truth is that Nigeria is a place where everyone wants to do better for themselves.

This post is going to take you through the 20 best Medicine Universities in Nigeria. Be sure to stick to the end.

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  • 1. University Of Ibadan

This University has a name as the first University in Nigeria and also known as the best Medical University by many. It is also known as UI.

If you want a really good Medical University in Nigeria to study in, be sure to check out University of Ibadan.

Located at the Western Central part of Nigeria, University of Ibadan presents a very good career ahead for students who wish to study medicine.

The University is known for its adverse use of modern medical equipment used by modern doctors and its wide curriculum makes it regarded as the best medical university in Nigeria.

Adebowale emerges University of Ibadan Vice-Chancellor - Vanguard News
University Of Ibadan
  • 2. Obafemi Awolowo University

This university can be found in the southwestern region part of Nigeria and it is very known for its very good college hospital that has so many records of treating rare diseases and ailments, that a

lot of people have given up on and its Medical facility in the university is one of the tops and the best Medical facilities in Nigeria.

This University is known for its really good College Hospital with multiple records of treating Rare sicknesses as one of the best medical facilities in Nigeria.

It is located at the South Western part of Nigeria and has a really good reputation.

Lectures ongoing despite ASUU strike -OAU management - Punch Newspapers

Obafemi Awolowo University – OAU

  • 3. Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria

This University is known as ABU, Zaria and is known for having one of best sets of medical equipment and structures in Medical Universities in Nigeria.

It is located in the Northern part of Nigeria and has a record of producing the best medical Doctors in the history of Nigeria.

Ahmadu Bello University (1962- ) •Ahmadu Bello University
  • 4. University of Lagos

The University of Lagos is a well known and one of the most populates Universities in Nigeria located in the South Western region in Nigeria.

It is known for having a very good medical program in Nigeria which helps medical students to thrive in their studies and come out with a bright career ahead of them.

It has also earned a title as one of the best Universities in the world.

UNILAG Invites Applications for Appointment of Vice-Chancellor – University of Lagos

  • 5. Lagos state Teaching Hospital (LASUTH)

This university is owned by Lagos state government.

This Teaching hospital has a wide number of questions every day and there’s no rest in time for the Doctors in this teaching hospital.

It is also a teaching hospital for Medical students who are at the University of Lagos.

It has a very wide record of saving people even at critical situations, or when they have been rejected by many other hospitals.

It is financed by the Lagos state government teaching hospital is ranked number 5, as one of the best Medical facilities in the country because.

  • 6. University O Nigeria (NSUKKA)

This University is very different from other Universities in Nigeria, as it has a facility that dwells on the constant coaching of Medical students no matter how hard it gets.

It always strives to bring out the best in its Medical students, so that they can represent the University and represent the country as a whole.

This University is seen as one of the first-generation Universities in the country, and it was brought into the establishment by Nnamdi Azikiwe.

  • 7. University of Benin (UNIBEN)

This is a very interesting Medical University for the students who want to study and no matter what, students go here and come out the best.

Students who study at the University of Benin as Medical students, never come out the same, as they come out better than how they expected themselves to be.

This university is located in Edo state and it has one of the biggest facilities for Medical students in the Nigeria.


Studying medicine in this school is like studying medicine abroad.

This is a Medical University that does not have any record of going on strike whenever things go bad in the country.

There are a lot of facilities in this University, but the Medical facility located in this University is one of the best in the south-western region in Nigeria.

It has a constant running educational system that is very efficient and fast in Nigeria.

  • 9. Delta State University (DELSU)

This university offers one of the best and top Medical programs for students in the country, and it also has a lot of professors that give their very best to the students.

It is an accredited university for medical programs.

  • 10. Niger Delta University (NDU)

Taken from the various testimonies given by the people of Bayelsa, and even people outside, this University is a top priority University in the country when it comes to Medicine.

NDU is tenth on this list of the best medical universities in Nigeria, this medical institution is a challenge and when it comes to the Medical facility it is said to be the very best in Bayelsa state because it helps students achieve their very best out of themselves.

It also has a very good and conducive college of medicine for the students, where they come to learn and practice as Medical Doctors.

  • 11. Abia State University

This Medical University school is located in the Eastern side of Country Nigeria, and it has been praised for its top Medical facilities in the state and Country as a whole.

  • 12. Ebonyi State University

This University is accredited for Medical services and courses and it is listed amongst one of the very best, taking from a lot of compliments from people in and out of Ebonyi state.

  • 13. University Of Port-Harcourt

This University is mostly known for its top Medical facilities in the state and in the country.

It can be found in Rivers state.

  • 14. Usman Dan Fodiyo University

This University has produced top-quality Medical Doctors since its establishment.

It can be found at Sokoto state, which is another Northern state

  • 15. College Of Medicine, Idi Araba

This is a College that has worked and geared towards raising Medical giants to represent the country outside with their brilliant skills as Doctors.

It is in Lagos state.

  • 16. University Of Calabar

UNICAL has challenged so many students to do better and become much better in the Medical field and it runs a very smooth and conductive program for students studying medicine.

The university comes sixteenth on this list of the best medical Universities in Nigeria, The University is in Cross River state.

  • 17. Ambrose Alli University , Ekpoma

This University is another accredited University that wants nothing but to birth the best Doctors in the country Nigeria

It is also located in Edo state is a top accredited University in the Medical field

  • 18. University Of Jos

This is another big University that wants nothing but to birth the best Doctors in the country Nigeria.

  • 19. Bayero University Kano

This University has produced so many northern Doctors that are doing very well in the country.

It owns one of the top quality Medical facility history, and so many people go to this University to be a part of the Medical program at all costs.

  • 20. Madonna University, Okija

The school focuses its attention on the Medical sectors as it believes in not graduating Doctors into the society.

This University is owned by a Priest, who wants nothing but discipline and orderliness in the school at all times.

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