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How to Hide Your Phone Number for All Networks in Nigeria


As a mobile subscriber in Nigeria, protecting your privacy and securing your personal information is critical. Your phone number is one of the most sensitive details that can be obtained, and once in the wrong hands, it enables various types of harassment and fraud. Fortunately, most major networks in Nigeria including MTN, Glo, and Airtel offer a straightforward way to hide your phone number when making calls or sending SMS messages to other mobile users. By dialing a simple USSD code, you can enable number hiding to shield your mobile identity and give you greater peace of mind when communicating on your phone. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps to activate number hiding for your specific network.

Why You Might Want to Hide Your Phone Number

There are several reasons why you may want to hide your phone number for all networks in Nigeria. Firstly, hiding your phone number provides anonymity and protects your privacy. With your number hidden, unknown callers will not be able to see your actual phone number when you call or text them. This prevents them from contacting you directly in the future or sharing your number with others without your consent.

Secondly, hiding your phone number can help reduce unsolicited contact like telemarketing calls, spam texts and robocalls. By concealing your number from public view, telemarketers and spammers will be unable to target you directly. This can significantly decrease the amount of unwanted communication you receive on a daily basis.

Finally, hiding your phone number may be necessary for safety and security reasons. For individuals like government officials, journalists, activists and whistleblowers, displaying their personal phone number publicly could put them at risk. Masking your number from plain sight helps ensure that sensitive information remains private and does not fall into the wrong hands.

In summary, there are several benefits to hiding your phone number in Nigeria including increased privacy, reduced unwanted contact, and enhanced security. By taking advantage of your network provider’s number hiding services, you gain more control over who can see and contact you directly using your personal phone number. Overall, it provides an extra layer of protection for you and your information.

How to Hide Your Phone Number for All Networks in Nigeria

How to Hide Your Number for Each Network

To hide your phone number for a specific network in Nigeria, you will need to dial a USSD code. Here are the codes for the major networks:


To hide your number for outgoing calls on the MTN network, dial 141PhoneNumber#. To unhide your number, dial 141PhoneNumber#.


On the Glo network, dial 31PhoneNumber# to hide your number. To unhide, dial 31PhoneNumber#.


To hide your outgoing number for calls on Airtel network can your  ID by inserting the #31# prefix before you contact who you  wish to call.

These USSD codes will hide your phone number for all outgoing calls on the respective network. Your number will still be displayed for incoming calls and SMS messages. To hide it completely, you will need to contact your network provider directly to request permanent number hiding for legal and safety reasons.

Hiding your phone number is a useful feature if you want more privacy for your calls or want to avoid callbacks for business purposes. However, hiding your number permanently can have some downsides, like missing important calls from family or friends who do not recognize the hidden number. Use these USSD codes responsibly based on your needs.

FAQ on Hiding Your Phone Number in Nigeria

To hide your phone number for all networks in Nigeria, you will need to activate the call barring service on your phone. This can be done by dialing a USSD code for your network provider.

What is call barring?

Call barring, also known as call blocking, allows you to restrict incoming and/or outgoing calls on your phone line. Activating call barring for withholding your phone number will prevent your number from being displayed to the recipients of your calls.

What is a USSD code?

USSD stands for Unstructured Supplementary Service Data. USSD codes are used to access various phone services by dialing specific number sequences on your phone’s keypad. Each network provider has different USSD codes to access and manage services.

How do I find the USSD code for my network?

To locate the USSD code to hide your phone number on your network:

  • MTN: Dial 1415# and select ‘Call Barring’
  • Glo: Dial *123# and select ‘Call Barring’
  • Airtel: Dial 1215# and select ‘Call Barring’
  • 9Mobile: Dial 3215# and select ‘Call Barring’

Will hiding my number affect incoming calls?

Activating call barring to hide your phone number will not block incoming calls to your phone. Callers will still be able to reach you, they just won’t see your actual phone number displayed on their devices. Your phone will ring as normal when receiving calls.

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In conclusion, hiding your phone number on all networks in Nigeria is made simple with the USSD codes provided in this article. Now you have the tools to take control of your privacy and block unwanted calls when needed. While some temporary fixes are available, a long-term solution requires speaking with your mobile network provider about additional options they may offer account holders. Staying safe and maintaining control of your personal information is a priority in today’s world. Use the codes responsibly and be selective about who has access to your mobile number going forward. With the knowledge shared here, you have power over your privacy at your fingertips whenever you need it.

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