The 30 Best Courses in Nigeria To Be Successful

The 30 Best Courses in Nigeria To Be Successful

Several students have pondered the best academic path to take for securing employment practically immediately after graduation over the years. Even parents have in many ways influenced their children or wards to study because of their worry that the youngster would graduate with a well-paying job related to the subject.

The 29 Best Courses in Nigeria To Be Successful
In spite of all of this, Nigeria offers a number of courses that can help you land a well-paying career.


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The 30 Best Courses in Nigeria To Be Successful

The greatest course to study in Nigeria for landing a well-paying job after graduation is listed below:

1. Medicine and surgery:

Diagnosing, treating, and preventing disease is the science and practice of medicine and surgery. In Nigeria, careers in medicine and surgery are in high demand. Moreover, you must achieve a very high jamb score. If you haven’t previously done so, click here to find out how to check your Jamb score. Although being accepted and completing the course appear difficult, they are both immensely rewarding. For graduates in medicine and surgery, there are numerous lucrative employment prospects.

2. Medical Laboratory Science:

In Nigeria, this course has one of the highest rates of employment opportunities. This course is biology and chemistry-based. Private and state hospitals and clinics are constantly opening in order to address the demands of the nation’s residents in terms of health care. Jobs as a Medical Laboratory Scientist are available at hospitals, clinics, medical labs, veterinary clinics, forensic medicine, forensic science, the Corps, food, cosmetic, and consumer product testing labs, among other places, after graduation.

3. Pharmacy:

The science discipline of pharmacy studies the preparation and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Chemistry and pharmaceutics are two of the specialized subjects covered in pharmacy studies. A pharmacist is a qualified healthcare professional who focuses on educating patients about various medications and treatment options. For graduates in medicine and surgery, there are numerous lucrative employment prospects.

4. Mass Communication:

The study of imparting and disseminating information to the public through mass media is covered in the social science course mass communication (usually a large population). There are many different work opportunities in Nigeria.

As not all university universities in Nigeria offer the course, admission to tertiary institutions to study mass communication is somewhat difficult. For graduates in mass communication, there are a variety of employment options available, including positions as a reporter, broadcaster, presenter, on-air personality, journalist, editor, etc. in newspaper publishing companies as well as other publishing firms, publishing firms, TV stations, radio stations, media and entertainment portals, etc.

5. Law:

This is one of the most popular courses to enroll in at Nigerian tertiary institutions, though there is less competition for admission now that the country’s lawyers receive less patronage as a result of the level of corruption. This has so deterred many students from enrolling in the programme.

This does not imply that the course is any less lucrative or that there are no career opportunities after completing it; it remains one of the best programs offered by Nigerian educational schools and offers excellent employment prospects. You are not restricted to the courtroom once you receive your law degree. You can choose to practice law or enter the corporate sector, work as a family lawyer for a large corporation and start earning a lot of money, or you can choose to enter an associated field such as real estate, for example.

6. Engineering with electronics and electricity

The practical applications of electricity in all its forms are the focus of the scientific and technology field known as electrical and electronic engineering.

In Nigerian higher institutions, electrical/electronic engineering is also a nice course to study.

Engineering programs consistently rank among the most sought-after programs each admissions cycle, making them extremely competitive. Every major industry in the world sells engineering courses. For an Electrical/Electronic Engineering graduate, there are numerous employment options.

7. Mechanical Engineering:

Mechanical engineering is a branch of science and technology that focuses on developing tools to help people and make their lives easier. Graduates in mechanical engineering can find employment in a variety of settings.

8. Civil engineering:

Infrastructure, projects, and systems are designed, built, and overseen by civil engineers. Another area of engineering with promising job prospects is this one. A civil engineering graduate can find employment in a variety of construction firms that are both owned by Nigerians and non-Nigerians. A civil engineering graduate can potentially launch a construction company.

9. Computer Engineering

One positive is that engineering graduates are in demand and may fill a wide range of professions in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, processing, telecommunication, mining, and petroleum. One of the most lucrative and marketable degrees in the world is in engineering.

10. Accounting/Finance:

One of the top social science courses offered in Nigerian tertiary institutions. This course is in accounting and finance. Accounting, according to, is the process of documenting a company’s financial activities. Most professional sectors, industries, and other establishments—including religious institutions, government institutions, and private institutions—need accountants. Accounting graduates are employable in a variety of organizations and settings, including banks, hospitals, pharmacies, churches, schools, and supermarkets.

There are several businesses emerging, and with each new business comes employment chances for accounting graduates. And an accounting graduate can work in many financial positions in these businesses.

As an accounting degreeholder, it is beneficial to intend to obtain an accounting master’s degree and an accounting doctoral degree to strengthen your qualifications for higher career opportunities.

11. Economics:

It is a social science course as well. It is the investigation of how wealth and resources are created and allocated. Even without a professional background, you can still find rewarding career options. Several business, public, and non-governmental organizations offer job opportunities for economics graduates.

12. IT and computer science:

One of the greatest courses to study in Nigeria is computer science, which is regarded as one of the best science courses and a science course in general. With the development of technology and its usage in improving daily life, technology has been applied to address issues and boost productivity.

Nearly all organizations have a high demand for computer scientists, and this demand has grown significantly since the COVID-19 outbreak as many organizations and establishments have learnt many lessons during this time and have also come to realize the importance of technology on their operations. To make this possible, computer scientists are well compensated.

You can choose to focus on one of many different areas of information technology, such as software development, software engineering, hardware engineering, digital marketing, social media marketing, graphics design, website design, programming, data science, etc.

You have a fantastic chance of landing a decent, high-paying job in Nigeria if you have excellent IT abilities. Everyone can learn IT skills, so even without a university degree, you can obtain a professional certificate in IT skills and find a job with a competitive salary.

13. Geology:

Geology is the science that examines the evolution of rocks, their processes, the physical makeup of the Earth, and its resources. Geology incorporates techniques and information from biology, chemistry, physics, and math. With a geology degree, you can find employment in a wide range of sectors, including the mining and petroleum industries.

14. Chemical Engineering:

This area of engineering focuses on methods for increasing outputs as well as the design and operation of chemical plants. Chemical engineers create economically advantageous processes and procedures that transform raw resources into usable goods. Graduates of this program have a chance to land a high-paying career in a variety of sectors, including the processing and petroleum industries.

15. Petroleum engineering:

It is a branch of engineering that focuses on the investigation of hydrocarbons, such as natural gas, crude oil, and so forth. It entails researching the exploration and production processes. Graduates of petroleum engineering programs in Nigeria are highly sought after in fields like mining and oil, and they are always rewarded.

16. Estate Administration:

This course focuses on the evaluation, purchase, development, marketing, and sale of various types of properties. These assets could be anything from tiny ones like shops to sizable ones like offices, warehouses, parks, and residential homes. Graduates in estate management have a wide range of employment options. They may choose to engage with an established estate manager or estate management firm or they could choose to run their own business.

17. Architecture:

It is the art, science, or practice of creating buildings and other structures for a variety of uses, including residential, educational, religious, recreational, and entertainment. Every day, a large number of structures are built across the nation, and architects are tasked with designing the plans to meet the requirements and purposes of each one. As a result, every new building presents an opportunity for architects. There are lots of work options for architecture graduates. You have the option of working for an architecture firm or for yourself.

In Nigerian colleges, this is a less competitive and rewarding programme. You can work with a reputable architect, an architecture firm, or start your own practice after completing a professional education in architecture.

18. Surveying:

This course looks at how to figure out where points are on the earth or in three dimensions, as well as how far apart they are and what angles they’re at. The training covers both estate management and architecture. You can choose to concentrate or major in one of the many profitable and highly sought-after surveying specialties available in Nigeria.

19. Industrial Chemistry:

The study of the manufacturing process, which is concerned with the transformation of substances into other useful materials and in desirable forms and quantities, is the focus of the industrial chemistry course.

Graduates in industrial chemistry are in high demand and earn well. Graduates of Industrial Chemistry are eligible for a variety of employment options. They are typically referred to as chemists and can operate in a variety of industries, including manufacturing and processing.

20. Biochemistry:

Biochemistry is the area of science that studies the chemical reactions that take place inside and around living things. It is a science that is laboratory-based and blends biology and chemistry. They can comprehend and address biological issues by applying their knowledge of and skills in the chemical sciences. Graduates in biochemistry can find rewarding employment options. Several fields, including hospitals, forensic crime scene investigation, cosmetics, medication discovery and development, agriculture, and others, might benefit from biochemistry.

21. Science, Laboratories, and Technology:

The course “Science Laboratory Technology” gives students the know-how, abilities, and methods required for typical science laboratory work. Students are knowledgeable enough to effectively manage a typical scientific lab. Science laboratories such as chemical laboratories, soil laboratories, water/fluid analysis laboratories, etc., as well as forensics, forest and conservation, and other relevant areas of agriculture to the field, are among the science laboratory technology domains of potential.

22. Industrial Physics:

One of the best courses to give you great job opportunities is industrial physics. Graduates of industrial physics programs are prepared to be excellent problem solvers and are able to use novel approaches to solve problems rapidly and in a variety of industrial situations. Graduates in industrial physics can find well-paying jobs in a variety of industries.

23. Microbiology:

The study of microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses, archaea, fungi, and protozoa is known as microbiology. Fundamental studies on the biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, ecology, evolution, and clinical aspects of microbes, including how the host reacts to them, are conducted in this field.

One of the top courses is microbiology, so the saying goes. They are important for a variety of life processes and for preserving the health and productivity of humans and other living things. Microbiologists are useful in a variety of settings, including clinics, research labs, hospitals, etc.

24. Marketing:

It is also the best and most lucrative course to take, especially in Nigeria. Graduates in marketing can choose from a variety of positions. Many businesses already exist, and new ones are opening up every day. For a business to survive, it needs a god and a skilled marketer. Thus, marketing graduates are in demand at current time and are well compensated.

25: Nursing science:

The principles and applications of nursing and other allied healthcare professions are covered under the scientific field of nursing science. Students who complete the course will be prepared to work as professional nurses in a wide range of settings. In Nigeria, nursing science is one of the most sought-after courses, and graduates have plenty of employment options. Jobs are available at clinics, hospitals, schools, and other institutions, among others.

26: Pharmacy:

It is another excellent and lucrative field of study in Nigeria. Not simply because it makes you employable, but also because it gives you the chance to become independent in the end. With a pharmacy degree, you can open your own drugstore or pharmaceutical company in addition to looking for employment. Admission to pharmacies is likewise difficult.

27. Agricultural Science:

An agricultural science course covers both the raising of livestock and the cultivation of soil to produce food. It is among the top courses to take if you want to excel in Nigeria. Agricultural science has several different subfields, and any of them can be quite profitable with proper management. Graduates in agricultural science can find employment in a variety of the fields you selected as your major.

28: Environmental sciences:

It is a subject that focuses on understanding how humans and other living things interact with our environment. The importance of protecting our environment cannot be overstated, especially in light of the daily emergence of new environmental and health concerns. There is a need for environmental scientists as a result. After earning a degree in environmental science, there are several employment options accessible in public, commercial, and non-profit organizations. Environmental scientists are compensated highly and can work in hospitals, businesses, and other places.

29. Agricultural Extension:

This course focuses on providing/extending to framers the knowledge of agricultural practices and skills required for them to produce food that is safe for daily consumption while also having the highest possible yield. Graduates of this program can choose from a variety of jobs in the public, corporate, and non-profit sectors.

30. Animal breeding and genetics:

It is the area of science that focuses on maximizing genetic traits that are desirable, such as producing animals that grow at a certain rate or at a certain level, animals with leaner meat, etc. Since many people are now dabbling in this area of agricultural science, graduates of this course also have a variety of jobs available to them.


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