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How to Create Your Own WhatsApp Channel and Share the Link

How to Start Your Own WhatsApp Channel and Share the Link: Since its launch about 15 years ago, WhatsApp has established itself as the undisputed global leader in instant messaging services. With over 2 billion users, it has an enormous user base. Users rely on the platform to exchange messages, make audio and video chats, and share files.

The parent firm Meta just provided a sneak preview of WhatsApp’s newest feature, WhatsApp Channel. Learn how to set up a WhatsApp channel now.
Even though WhatsApp has long held the top spot in instant messaging, it periodically lags in adding capabilities that are already available on competing platforms.

Many of you may be acquainted with Telegram Channels, a platform where users can find and access their chosen content, including books, files that can be downloaded, and even entire movies. The business made progress in bridging this gap with the introduction of WhatsApp Channel in place of WhatsApp Group.

Join me as we explore WhatsApp Channel from top to bottom, learning about its unique features, privacy practices, and more. I’ll also walk you through setting up a WhatsApp channel and posting your first update.

What Is WhatsApp Channel?

How to Start Your Own WhatsApp Channel and Share the Link

In a recent release, WhatsApp disclosed its ambitions to bring Channels, a well-liked feature available on Telegram, to the app. With this new feature, Whatsapp’s enormous user base will be accessible to businesses and content producers, helping them grow their influence.
WhatsApp is dedicated to improving the messaging app user experience. The company is continuing on the same path it took when it recently added Community capabilities by integrating Channels, a functionality akin to Telegram’s.

In order to easily integrate this new functionality, WhatsApp also hinted at a modest UI change for Android users.

Whatsapp shared a blog in which it stated that “Channels are a one-way broadcast tool for admins to send text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls.”

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WhatsApp Channel Features

The WhatsApp channel will function similarly to WhatsApp communities and groups, where you may inform members of updates, broadcast content, etc. However, there is a significant distinction with channels because only the channel admin is permitted to share on the channel. Users can follow the channels they want based on their interests.

As was already mentioned, WhatsApp will roll out a channel directory where users can look for and find the channels they want to subscribe to. Users can locate channels that cater to their particular interests by entering pertinent keywords such as travel, news, weather, technology, etc.

It’s vital to note that users cannot upload content on channels like they can on communities; instead, they can only get admin updates.

The administrators of a channel have control over who can subscribe to their channel. They can choose whether they want their channel to remain secret or be found in the search directory. On their channels, they can also disable the options for screenshots and forwards.

Last but not least, all of the information on WhatsApp channels would only be accessible for 30 days before being deleted. Businesses have a great opportunity to engage with large audiences and market their goods or services through WhatsApp channels.
Do you wish to advertise a business or provide users with useful information? Simply create your channel and use WhatsApp to communicate with your subscribers. You must first create a WhatsApp account, which you can do quickly using your phone number.

Make sure your smartphone is updated with the most recent Whatsapp version. The official WhatsApp website or app store for your smartphone both provide the update for download.

Steps For Setting Up a WhatsApp Channel

Let’s examine the steps for setting up a WhatsApp channel:

1. For Android:

To build a WhatsApp channel on an Android device, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp on your mobile device and select the Updates tab.
  • To choose a new channel, tap the plus icon.
  • Click Get Started.
  • To build your WhatsApp channel, review and agree to the terms of service and privacy statement.
  • Create your WhatsApp channel and choose a name for it. In the future, you will always have the option to alter the name of your channel.
  • Add an icon to give your channel some personality. Any desired image from your device can be chosen.

Summarize your channel, its function, and the services it provides to create a channel description.
To complete the procedure, tap on Create channel.

Go to the Channel details page and copy the link for your channel there to share it with others.

2. For an iPhone:

With one small exception, creating a WhatsApp Channel on an iPhone is comparable. Let’s look at this:

  • On your iPhone, open the WhatsApp app, and then tap the Updates tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Tap the plus sign, then choose Create Channel.
  • To move further, tap Get Started and agree to the terms of service and privacy statement.
  • Add an icon, a channel description, and a name for the channel. Keep in mind that you can change this data in the future.
  • The process is completed by tapping Create Channel.

To find and share the link to your channel, go to the channel information page. Go to WhatsApp’s Updates tab, choose your channel, and tap on your channel name to get this page. From there, you may easily access the URL and share it with others.

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WhatsApp’s Privacy Guidelines

Since the introduction of WhatsApp channels, there has been a clear misunderstanding of the privacy settings. There is concern over whether these numbers would be shared on WhatsApp channels because WhatsApp only uses phone numbers to create the account.


When was WhatsApp Channels lunched?

On September 13, 2023, WhatsApp unveiled the “WhatsApp Channel” function.

How to Can I Get the link to the WhatsApp Channel?

  • Click the Channels icon to navigate to Channels.
  • Select your channel first, followed by your channel name.
  • To copy, click the link.

Is using WhatsApp Channel secure?

Yes, it is secure. WhatsApp has always been committed to protecting user data in terms of privacy and security. Your phone number and other personal information won’t be disclosed to other channel subscribers when using WhatsApp channels. Additionally, the channel administrator’s information will be kept a secret from their viewers.


The idea of public channels acting as a private broadcasting platform is not new; prominent social media and instant messaging services like Instagram and Telegram have effectively incorporated it.

The channels’ reception has been overwhelmingly positive because they provide both users and administrators with a number of advantages. It has created a variety of chances and ways to promote neighborhood development and make use of social media’s extensive reach.

You must start a WhatsApp channel if you have read this post. Simply wait for the official debut and take advantage of the chance to start a private community, extending your reach and making connections with more people.

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