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Apply for a Slovenia Student Visa Guide

Would you like to know how to apply for a Slovenia Student Visa to study there? Here’s a guide to getting a student visa to study in Slovenia.

The Slovenia student visa is also called visa type D or the long-term visa. You apply for this visa type that will help you to stay in Slovenia longer than three months.

After which, you may acquire a residence permit to spend extra time studying.

While in Slovenia with a long-term visa, you possibly can reside longer than 90 days but less than 12 months.

You may be able to work with the Slovenia student visa, however you need to verify with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Nonetheless, you need to apply for a Slovenia short-stay visa if your academic program takes less than 90 days.

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Advantages Of Studying In Slovenia:

In summary, the following are the important reasons why you should consider studying in Slovenia:

The educational standard in Slovenia.

The comparatively affordable prices of studying as in comparison with other places.

Infinite journey alternatives

Probability of starting a brand new life in Slovenia

Slovenia Student Visa Requirements: 

You’ll be able to only procure the Slovenia student visa while you qualify for it. The embassy measures your qualification by way of the documentation you submit for visa application.

The following are a number of the requirements for a Slovenia student visa in Nigeria:

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 Visa application type: 

The visa application form comprises basic fields for collecting your personal details, details about the school you might be studying at, and other data. You must complete this way using the computer system, then save and print it out.

International passport:

Your international passport document is a vital requirement as effectively. It should contain at least two blank pages and has a one-year validity.

Two passport pictures:

Two copies of passport-sized images were taken with white backgrounds.

Slovenia Schengen travel medical insurance certificate.

Proof of return flight tickets reservations:

Proof of medical insurance coverage covers the whole period of your stay with a minimum of 30,000 EUR protection. However you need to first confirm that your school doesn’t have arrangements on your insurance.

We suggest you submit a flight reservation stead of buying an actual flight ticket.

Proof of accommodation:

In case your institution does not have any preparations on your accommodation, you need to reserve hotel accommodation.

Financial status proof:

That is your bank statement or that of your sponsor.

Certificates of enrolment:

Proof that an establishment in Slovenia gives you a study admission.

Proof of payment of charges:

If applicable.

Proof of Scholarship:

If applicable.

Civil status proof:

This confirms your marriage standing. This can be a wedding certificate or civil standing proof.

Tips on how to Apply for Slovenia Student Visa:

Gather documents:

Step one is to safe admission into any academic establishment in Slovenia. Then get the certificates of enrollment and fill out the visa application form.

Book Appointment:

The embassy of Hungary accepts Slovenia visa applications in Nigeria.

 Submit an application/attend an interview:

Go to the embassy on the appointment date, then prepare to take an interview. Moreover, the embassy could ask for you to bring some more documents on your visa application.

Collect your passport

As soon as your documents are ready, the embassy will inform you to return for pick up. If the embassy denies your visa request, up could contest this decision.

The appeal process demands that you simply pay a fee and file an appeal within eight days of the denial.

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