Top 30 Art Courses You Can Study Without Literature in Nigeria

Art Courses You Can Study Without Literature in Nigeria: As an aspiring creative mind in Nigeria, you have a world of opportunities to develop your talents and skills through higher education. While the arts are often associated with literary studies, there are many programs focused on the visual and performing arts that do not require a background in literature or languages. Whether you are interested in fine arts, design, music, theater, or film, you can find an array of courses and concentrations to match your interests and strengths.

Some of the most popular options for those looking to study the arts without a literary focus include programs in painting, sculpture, photography, graphic design, fashion design, music education, music performance, cinematography, and film production.

Art Courses You Can Study Without Literature in Nigeria

This page should guide you through the process of finding the list of art courses to take without having to study English literature.

English literature is one of the most well-known and significant disciplines for students studying art. The majority of students flee from art class to science class in order to escape studying English literature, even though many students thrive in this subject and some find it to be a nightmare.

It is no secret that English literature is one of the most difficult courses for students taking the WAEC and NECO exams to pass in the SSCE.

We are aware that there is a high degree of academic dishonesty in Nigeria, particularly when it comes to SSCE exams. Because English literature is such a complex subject, it is very difficult to cheat on, and as a result, students frequently cry when their results are finally announced.

It’s important to realize that English literature is not the hardest subject to study, and that you can succeed in it if you put in the necessary effort and focus. This brings us to the understanding and importance of literature. If you failed any of your SSCE exams and are looking for art courses you can take instead of literature, this information will help.

Why Study Art Without Literature?

There are several reasons to consider studying art courses without a literature component in Nigeria:

  • Focus on technical skills: Art courses centered around visual mediums like painting, sculpture, photography, and design allow you to focus on developing technical skills and mastering tools and software specific to your chosen discipline. Without the added requirement of studying literature, you can spend more course time honing your craft.
  • Explore your interests: Nigeria offers many traditional and modern art forms, from pottery and textile design to digital photography and graphic design. Studying a visual art subject without literature allows you to explore an area of art that interests you most and suits your talents, passions, and future career goals.
  • Develop a professional portfolio: A portfolio featuring your best work is essential for many art-related careers. Courses focused solely on visual arts give you more opportunities to build a professional portfolio tailored to your discipline. This makes you a strong candidate for jobs, freelance work, commissions, and further education.
  • Gain valuable experience: Hands-on experience creating art is one of the best ways to improve your skills. Art courses without a literature requirement provide more time to gain experience through class projects, collaborations, internships, and interactions with experienced instructors. This experience is valuable for your development as an artist and your future career.
  • Prepare for a career: Many rewarding careers are open to visual arts graduates in Nigeria, such as graphic designer, art teacher, animator, interior designer, and more. By focusing your studies on a specific art form, you can prepare yourself well for work in a field you enjoy. Art courses without literature are tailored to the skills and knowledge you need for your chosen career path.

In summary, studying visual art courses without literature in Nigeria allows you to focus on developing your talents, explore your interests, build a professional portfolio, gain valuable experience, and prepare for an art-related career. While literature has its place, art courses centered around hands-on creation can be hugely beneficial for aspiring artists and designers.

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Top Art Courses in Nigeria That Don’t Require Literature

To pursue a career in the visual arts without a background in literature, there are several promising programs in Nigeria to consider.

  1. Anthropology
  2. Arabic studies
  3. Arabic Language
  4. Archaeology
  5. Christian Religious Studies
  6. Creative and visual arts
  7. Economics
  8. Environmental Science
  9. Fine and Applied Arts
  10. History
  11. History and international studies
  12. History and diplomacy
  13. History and diplomatic studies
  14. History and Archaeology
  15. History and International Relations
  16. History and strategic studies
  17. International and Comparative Politics
  18. International Relations and diplomacy
  19. International studies and diplomacy
  20. Islamic Studies
  21. Philosophy
  22. Philosophy and Religious studies
  23. Political Science
  24. Psychology
  25. Religious study
  26. Sociology
  27. Sociology and Anthropology
  28. Theology
  29. Visual and Applied Arts
  30. Yoruba and Communication Art


As you have seen, there are several options for studying art in Nigeria without a focus on literature. Whether you want to pursue design, music, theater, or visual arts, opportunities abound at universities and colleges across the country. Don’t let a lack of literature requirements hold you back from developing and honing your artistic talents.

With hard work and perseverance, you can build a successful career doing what you love. Nigeria’s art scene is blossoming, so now is the perfect time to get the training and education you need to contribute to its growth.

English literature is hardly the most difficult subject you will ever encounter as an art student; with motivation and hard work, you may succeed in it.

Please leave a comment if you know of any art courses in Nigeria that you can take without having to read any English literature.

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