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Nigeria’s Top Nursing School

Nigeria’s Top Nursing School

The majority of young children dream of becoming nurses when they grow up, and if all the essential steps are completed, such a desire can truly become a reality. Thus, you might wish to look into these top nursing schools in Nigeria.


Nursing School

Since nurses are a necessity in the global healthcare system, there is a strong demand for their services. Of course, it pays well as well. In reality, you must have seen multiple Nurses in a hospital before you saw a doctor.
Years of Programs in Nigeria’s Approved Nursing Schools
Every approved nursing school in Nigeria has set out a specific number of years for each student to use, study, and finish their nursing degree.

Also, there are numerous nursing schools in Nigeria offering various training programs, so knowing which ones are offered and their study years will be very helpful to you on your journey to become a registered nurse in Nigeria.


Requirements for Nursing Schools in Nigeria : Easy Guide

List of Universities in Nigeria That Offer Nursing

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In light of the certificate to be issued in Nigeria, the following are the accredited years of study:

The Basic General Nursing Program is three (3) years long, the Basic Midwifery Training Program is three (3) years long, and the Generic (BNSc) Nursing Program is five (5) years long.

The Entrance Criteria For Nursing Colleges In Nigeria

You will be informed about the Nigerian Schools of Nursing admission standards at this point, along with all other requirements you must meet in order to be admitted to any Nursing school in Nigeria.

Nigerian General Nursing Program Admission Criteria
The candidate must be at least 17 years old and have completed the first year of the three-year program.

Candidates must have five credits passed in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology or Health Science in their SSCE or its equivalent in no more than two sittings in order to be admitted to any nursing school in Nigeria’s general nursing program.

Top Nursing Colleges in Nigeria

These are Nigeria’s top nursing schools with a regular academic schedule, according to study and observation.

The College of Health Sciences and the College of Health Technologies are included on this list of Nigerian institutions of higher learning. In addition, this article would be lacking without including these nursing schools’ annual tuition costs.

1. Gwagwalada, Abuja’s University of Abuja School of Nursing.

School costs: under 200k

Without a doubt, the University of Abuja in Abuja, Nigeria, is regarded as one of the best universities in the nation with top-tier nursing colleges. The institution provides a respectable nursing education.

You can apply for Post Basic Midwifery for a 4-year degree program or write JAMB to gain admission to the school and study Nursing Science there.

You can also enroll for the 2-year Nursing program, which simply requires you to pay for the application materials and wait impatiently for the entrance exam.

2. Ibadan University School of Nursing.

Unquestionably, the university college hospital in Ibadan is one of the few universities in West Africa to launch a tertiary healthcare facility, and the institution provides top-notch services, education, and research.

The goal of the university school of nursing is to prepare and provide for capable future nurses working in Nigeria’s healthcare system. The institution charges students around N250,000 as their school fee for a three-year nursing program.

3. Nursing School of Nsukka

To be admitted to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka School Of Nursing, you must meet all the prerequisites listed above. The school offers a 5-year degree certificate in BSc. Nursing Science. The nursing student’s regular school tuition is N80,000.

4. School of Nursing at University of Benin (Uniben)

This institution offers all varieties of nursing degrees, including undergraduate, graduate, and diploma-level options. Due to the fact that it is a Federal University, the students’ structured school costs, which include the accommodation charge, are N125,000.

5. Ahmadu Bello Teaching Hospital’s nursing school.

This nursing school is a facility run by the federal government. As long as you pass the entrance exams, getting admitted to the school is simpler. The school’s scheduled tuition is approximately N150,000.

6. The School of Nursing at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH).

The goal of Nigeria’s top nursing school is to graduate qualified professionals who will help the hospital and Nigerian Health Center provide more effective patient care. For LUTH nursing students, the cost of attendance is N250,000.

7. The nursing school at Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital (OAUTH).

The institution is among the greatest nursing schools in Nigeria since it has the full support of the OAU Teaching Hospital Management. The institution charges N90,000 for each session, and it provides 2- to 5-year programs.

8. Usmanu Danfodiyo University, College of Health Sciences, Sokoto

One of Northern Nigeria’s premier academic institutions. The Usmanu Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital served as the academic home for the college’s College of Health Sciences, which includes students studying medicine and nursing. The institution charges N65,000 per session for its 5-year nursing degree program.

9. Akure School of Nursing.

This is another another prestigious nursing school in Nigeria. The school prepares its students to work as licensed, experienced nurses in the future. They pay roughly N200,000 in tuition each academic year.

10. School of Nursing at Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital

This school is run by ESUTH, and admissions are based primarily on merit. The tuition charge for new students at this S.O.N. is N260,000, not including housing.



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