Application Site for Stanbic IBTC University Scholarships for 2023–2024

Application Site for Stanbic IBTC University Scholarships for 2023–2024

If you want to apply for this program’s scholarship, you must be aware of the proper prerequisites in order to do so in the expected manner for the Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship. There are a lot of Merits to this program.

Stanbic IBTC University Scholarships

The general Eligibility for Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship should be noted before you go to Apply for Program below, though, if you do not meet the necessary requirements to apply for the current program. To avoid any type of error or mistake while registering for the Stanbic IBTC Scholarship Program as expected, all applicants would do well to be aware of the cost of the program. Further information and a juicy update are provided below.


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How to Apply for the Stanbic IBTC Scholarship Program for Universities

Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship General Eligibility

  • The Stanbic IBTC Holdings PLC (“Stanbic IBTC) offers the Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship (the “Scholarship”) only to applicants who reside in Nigeria and have taken the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board’s 2020 University Tertiary Matriculation Exams (UTME) (JAMB)
  • Possess a JAMB score of 200 or above
  • Possess necessary documentation proving admission to and proper enrollment in a federal or state university in Nigeria (the “University”).
  • The Scholarship is given on the understanding that you will continue to be enrolled at the University in your officially accepted degree program.
  • Employees of Stanbic IBTC and/or their immediate family members are not eligible for the Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship, and entries from these individuals will not be considered for awards.
  • At its discretion, Stanbic IBTC reserves the right to refuse any applicant’s request to participate in the Scholarship.
  • Just 100 applicants will get the scholarship, with a minimum of two applicants per State, distributed among the 36 States of the federation and the FCT.
  • Up until the 100 spots are filled, the Scholarship will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Only those applicants who adhere to the rules and satisfy all qualifying requirements will be considered for scholarships.
  • Just the legitimate email address that the winner provides will be used to reach out to them.

Note: Candidates who want to take classes focused on the “Future of Work” will have an edge (for example Data Science, Business Analytics, Economics, Accounting, Finance, IT and so on). A candidate who applies more than once or many times will still only be eligible for one scholarship spot. All decisions relating to the Scholarship must be made by Stanbic IBTC, and they are final.

Requirements for the Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship

  • Adhere to the academic and administrative policies of the university and annually provide a Letter of good conduct issued by their respective department.
  • Maintain an enrolled status in their respective universities in the degree program they were admitted for.
  • Maintain a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least second class upper (a CGPA of at least 3.5 in a CGPA system of 5 points, at least 3.0 in a CGPA system of 4 points, at least 4.6 in a CGPA system of 7 points). At the start of each academic year, proof of this is required before a scholarship can be paid out.
  • Satisfy any extra requirements, which will be disclosed to you through email
  • You will be required to submit a report outlining how the scholarship money was used at the conclusion of each academic year for the duration of your award.
  • The successful candidate is accountable for submitting this report by the deadline provided by Stanbic IBTC. Future payments could be withdrawn if reports are not returned by the deadline without justification.

Cancellation of the Scholarship

If any of the following occurs: You leave your program of study early or transfer:

  • You have been expelled or suspended from all or a portion of your program at the university.
  • You’re kicked out of the university.
  • You have misrepresented anything to us (intentionally or negligently) either in relation to your application for the
  • Scholarship or in regards to your study at the University.
  • You engaged in dishonest or deceptive behavior in order to obtain your scholarship or admission to the university.

You won’t get any further money if your scholarship is terminated. If your termination is related to the third, fourth, or fifth items of this section, you might be compelled to reimburse some or all of the scholarship money you received.

How to Apply for the Stanbic IBTC Scholarship Program for Universities

  • The first step is to go  to the Stanbic IBTC University portal
  • Then, fill out the necessary information, attach the required documents, and submit. Only email will be used to notify successful applicants.
  • An applicant is only eligible for one scholarship seat even if they apply through different platforms or submit several entries.

Registration and Closing Dates for the Stanbic IBTC University Scholarship

All applicants should be aware that entry to and submission of applications for the scholarship are free.

Please be aware that beyond the entry/application expiration date, no applications will be accepted.


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