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Top 10 Nigerian Oil Companies and their Wages

Top 10 Nigerian Oil Companies and their Wages

Have you ever wondered what the major Nigerian oil corporations pay their employees? Here is the response to your query because I had the same question.

Nigeria is an oil-producing country. The southern and southern-eastern regions of the nation, which include Bayelsa, Rivers, Cross River, Delta, Imo, Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, and several other states, are oil-rich regions.

Nigeria is home to numerous oil firms as a result of the prevalence of crude oil. The following is a list of Nigerian oil firms.

Nigerian oil companies and their wages

1. Texaco Chevron Nigeria Limited

American oil business Chevron Texaco was founded. Moreover, it is a Nigerian oil corporation.

  • A Financial Analyst is paid around #1,700,000 monthly
  • Around #855,000 is paid monthly to a facility engineer.
  • An engineer in the process makes roughly #200,000 per month.
  • An accountant makes approximately #190,000.
  • A trainee makes around #30,000 per month.
  • Chevron Texaco Nigeria Limited pays a new hire at an entry-level position roughly #22,000,000 annually.


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2. ExxonMobil

The two largest foreign oil firms in Nigeria by salary are Chevron and Exxon.

  • Commercial Manager receives a monthly salary of #1,500,000 to#5,800,000.
  • A construction manager’s monthly salary ranges from #2,000,000 to #5,100,000.
  • Monthly salaries for civil engineers range from #1,000,000 to #2,800,000.
  • Chemical Process Engineer has a monthly salary of #1,500,000 to #2,400,000.
  • Chemists have monthly wages of #1,000,000 to #210,000
  • Monthly pay for a Chemical Laboratory Technician ranges from #1,200,000 to #2,000,000.
  • Monthly pay for a Chemical Engineer is #5,600,000.
  • Monthly salaries for mechanical engineers are #5,000,000.
  • The monthly salary for a Process Engineer is #3,500,000.
  • Monthly salary for financial analysts is #3,000,000.
  • Monthly salary for the corporate controller is #3,000,000.
  • Monthly salary for a business analyst is #2,000,000.
  • The monthly wage for an administrative assistant is #1,600,000.
  • The monthly salary for the convenience store manager is #1,300,000.
  • Monthly salary for Contract Administrative is #950,000.
  • Principal Pipeline Engineer receives monthly pay of #950,000.
  • The monthly salary of the drilling logistics officer is #937,000.
  • Monthly pay for the assistant store manager is #800,000.
  • Monthly salary for an environmental engineer is #658,000.
  • Cashier receives #500,000 every month.
  • A Geophysicist receives #238,000 each month.
  • ExxonMobile pays recent graduates a gross salary of around #22,000,000 annually.

Nigerian Oil Companies and their Wages

3. Liquefied Natural Gas of Nigeria

This is a Nigerian oil firm. A limited liability company, NLNG. It was designed in this way to take advantage of Nigeria’s enormous natural gas reserves. Moreover, they create Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) and Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for export. Bonny Gas Transport (BGT) Limited and Nigeria LNG Ship Manning Ltd are two of NLNG’s companies. The following is a list of some of their employees’ salaries.

  • A graduate trainee makes around #400,000 per month.
  • A monthly salary for a civil engineer is roughly #800,000.
  • A tax accountant receives monthly pay of roughly #500,000.
  • A technician’s monthly salary is roughly #250,000.
  • Planner/Scheduler – Contractor has a monthly salary of roughly #200,000.

4.  Schlumberger

Throughout the world, Schlumberger is one of the top technology suppliers. In the oil and gas sector, they are experts in reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing. The following is a list of some of their employees’ wages.

  • Maintenance A technician makes roughly #760,000 per month.
  • An average General Field Engineer makes about #520,000 each month.
  • An administrator makes approximately #285,000 every month.
  • Monthly pay for a Field Engineer is #210,000.
  • An apprentice field specialist makes roughly #133,000 per month.
  • An average security advisor makes roughly #103,000 per month.
  • A trainee makes around #72,000 each month.

5. Shell Development Company Nigeria

It is a global integrated energy firm with operations across many nations. They were in Nigeria for almost fifty years. Some of their employees’ wages include:

  • The monthly salary of a business development manager is roughly #2,200,000.
  • Senior Metocean Engineer makes around #2,000,000 per month.
  • A Senior Production Engineer’s monthly salary is just over #1,500,000.
  • About #1,400,000 is paid to Team Lead each month.
  • Every month, a commercial advisor makes roughly #1,400,000.
  • An information analyst makes around #1,300,000 per month.
  • The average monthly salary for a mechanical supervisor is #1,200,000.
  • Around #950,000 is paid to the safety supervisor each month.
  • Every month, Flow Assurance receives roughly #800,000.
  • An engineer receives roughly #748,000 each month.
  • An oil engineer makes roughly #700,000 per month.
  • The monthly salary of a maintenance planner is roughly #618,000.
  • A web developer makes roughly #475k a year.
  • Every month, a mechanical engineer makes roughly #428,000.
  • Coordinator for contractors makes roughly #400,000 per month.
  • The monthly salary for DD Analyst – Monthly Contractor is roughly #360,000.
  • The monthly wage for an occupational health nurse is around #285,000.
  • Monthly pay for the Operations Manager is #238,000.
  • Planner for contractors makes #260,000 each month.
  • Monthly salary for a computer engineer is #143,000.
  • Intern makes #95,000 a year.

 6. Total Nigeria Plc.

Nigerian oil firm Total Nigeria Plc is a division of Total. They’ve lived in Nigeria for more than 50 years. Their pay range is:

  • Instrumentation and control engineer, monthly salary of #2,190,000.
  • Project manager  # 1, 140, 000 each month
  • Engineer at Cost – #800,000 per month
  • Manager of Business Development, paid #500,000 per month
  • Financial Accountant, monthly salary of #500,000.
  • Project Manager, #400,000.
  • About #400,000 is what a Senior HSE Supervisor – Contractor makes each month.
  • A manager makes roughly #320,000 each month.
  • A logistics officer’s monthly salary is roughly #320,000.
  • About #300,000 is what a graduate trainee makes each month.
  • A geologist’s monthly salary is roughly #200,000.
  • A quantity surveyor’s monthly salary is roughly #190,000.
  • An entry-level graduate earns a gross salary of #25,000,000 annually.

7.  Addax Petroleum

Chinese global oil business Addax Petroleum. The business was founded in 1994. One of China’s biggest oil and gas producers, Addax Petroleum is a unit of the Sinopec Group.

The highest paying non-IOC company in Nigeria is Addax. Graduates at the entry level make roughly #16,000,000 annually. The predicted average wage is #437,000 per year.

8. Amazon Energy

The typical wage is #326,000 per year. The average monthly salary for an information technology manager is #231,000, whereas that of a process engineer is 168,000, a procurement assistant is #139,000, and a training officer is  #102,000.

9. Amni International Petroleum Development Co.

They are a privately held exploration and production firm for oil and gas. The average wage is #424,000 per year.

10. Cakasa Nigeria Company Ltd.

This organization pays an average income of roughly #263,000 each year.


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