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Top 10 Six Figure Jobs

 Top 10 Six Figure Jobs

Most of the highest paying jobs listed require a master’s degree, Ph.D., or other professional degree, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s also worth mentioning that these jobs tend to have a stronger occupational outlook, suggesting that they’re more likely to add positions over the next 10 years.

Nevertheless, advanced degrees aren’t the only route to a six-figure salary. Read more about the roles that pay well, the abilities needed to fill these roles, and how to advance to a higher-paying position.

Despite that, having the title “Manager” or “Director” pays off many of the highest-paying jobs do.

A six-figure wage is useless, of course, if you can’t find employment. To construct our list of the absolute best six-figure jobs, we selected those occupations with a good anticipated growth rate. These are some of the occupations that are most likely to result in high pay and promising job prospects.

Six Figure Jobs

 Top 10 Six Figure Jobs

The following are six figure Jobs with good Salaries:

1.  Actuary

Actuaries evaluate risks and seek to reduce costs, usually on behalf of insurance firms. Although this may seem like a dull profession, actuaries are well renowned for being very happy with their work.

You need a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in Statistics, Actuarial science, or Mathematics in order to be considered for this position. You could also wish to enroll in writing, databases, and computer language courses.

2. Anesthesiologist

During medical operations, anesthesiologists give local and general anesthesia and keep track of the patients’ vital signs.

It’s a good idea to start preparing for your future profession as an anesthesiologist in high school by enrolling in advanced biology and chemistry courses and doing volunteer work in hospitals.

Four years of undergraduate study, four years of medical school, an internship, and three to four years of residency are required of anesthesiologists. For training in a subspecialty like pain management, cardiac anesthesiology, or critical care medicine, many choose to complete an additional fellowship year.

3. Computer and Information Research Scientist

These researchers use software to overcome challenging issues. They direct research projects in disciplines like business and medical as well as develop and improve tools and methodologies. In this area, data science and robotics are specialties.

A master’s degree is typically required for companies in the commercial sector; however, in the public sector, a bachelor’s degree in computer science may be acceptable.

4. Dentist

Dentists assist their patients in maintaining the beauty of their smiles as well as in preventing and treating major oral health issues.

A bachelor’s degree is a requirement for becoming a Dentist, as in enrollment in an authorized dental school and passing the state-specific licensing tests.


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5. Financial Director

Financial managers are employed by a range of businesses, including banks and insurance firms. Their main responsibility is to create plans to ensure their employer’s long-term financial stability.

Most employers demand a bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, or a similar field, however others favor applicants with an MBA.

6. Internist, General

What distinguishes family practice doctors from internists?

Physicians are required to have bachelor’s degrees and be medical school graduates. After that, they begin a three- to seven-year internship and residency program.

7. Advanced Practice Licensed Nurse

Advanced practice registered nurses include nurse anesthetists, nurse midwives, and nurse practitioners. According to their state, they carry out many of the same tasks as a primary care physician, including administering anesthetic, offering gynecological treatment, and giving birth.

  • A minimum master’s degree is required for nurse anesthetists, and they must be recognized by the National Board of Certification and Recertification for Nurse Anesthetists.
  • Certified Nurse Midwives are required to hold a master’s degree in nursing, a state-issued licensure, and certification from the American Midwifery Certification Board in order to practice.
  • NPs are required to hold a master’s degree and adhere to their state’s licensing laws.

8. Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Gynecologists offer advice and care to their female patients on their reproductive health. Obstetricians deliver babies and provide care for pregnant mothers.

OBs and gynecologists are required to have a bachelor’s degree, pass the medical school exam, complete at least four years of internship and residency, and hold a license for their area of expertise.

9. Petroleum Engineer

Often employed by oil firms, petroleum engineers develop and refine techniques for obtaining oil and gas from the earth.

Most petroleum engineers hold a bachelor’s degree in mechanical, civil, chemical, or petroleum engineering. A five-year curriculum that leads directly to a master’s degree may be chosen by some students.

10. Applications Developer in Software

Web-based software apps are created, enhanced, and bug-tested by app developers.

Although some firms will give a chance to a qualified individual without a degree, software developers normally have a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Build Desirable Skills

Do not become discouraged if you are looking at the educational requirements for these positions. While obtaining further education may be the most direct path to landing a high-paying career, it’s not the only one available.

When hiring applicants with in-demand expertise, employers will pay top price. Employers are more inclined to overlook a lack of formal education the harder those abilities are to locate. This is especially true for tech professions, where your abilities will matter more than any certifications you may have.
You must improve your skills in order to start. Coding bootcamps and academies can provide you a foundation in the necessary principles, or you can save money by learning on your own using free online courses.


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